Faculty, staff and students at LSU Health Shreveport are actively engaged in research in a variety of biomedical areas, with concentrations in cancer, cardiovascular sciences, virology and neuroscience. It is a core part of our institution's mission. Research on campus ranges from traditional in the lab to translations research and testing of the latest treatments in clinical trials.

The School of Graduate Studies helps to train future scientists and our Centers further elevate our institution's research portfolio. The Office of Research helps support these endeavors and is comprised of the Clinical Trials Office, the Office of Sponsored Programs and Technology Transfer, Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

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Federal, State & Private Grants were up by 47% in 2018 over 2017.

387 Active Clinical Studies on Campus.

5 Start-up Companies created to license and commercialize LSUHS technologies.

13 U.S. and Foreign patents issued as of Jan. 2020.

42 new Pharma Studies sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.

Total Grant Funding for FY2018-19 was $15,916,322.


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Office of Research
John W. Maloy, JD
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Management

Business Manager
Sha Williams, MBA
(318) 675-7580
(318) 675-4175 Fax

School of Graduate Studies
Kelly Tatchell, PhD
Assoc. Dean of Graduate Studies
(318) 675-7572

Assurance Committees
Suzie Golas, Coordinator
(318) 675-4109

Office of Clinical Trials
Lisa Latiolais, RN, BSN, CCRC
(318) 813-1350

Institutional Review Board(IRB)
Shweta Davalbhakta, MS, CIP
(318) 813-1359

Office for Sponsored Programs
Tracy Calvert, Director
(318) 675-7884

Innovation and Technology Transfer
Julia Knight, Project Coordinator
(318) 675-7013

Research Core Facility (RCF)
Paula Polk, Manager
(318) 675-4939

Research Centers
Danielle Hartman, Coordinator
(318) 675-4564



Hicks SMART Program students from 2019-2020

SMART Program

The Science & Medicine Academic Research Training Program provides academically advanced high school seniors who are interested in careers related to medicine, scientific research, and biomedical engineering opportunities to engage in intensive research with medical clinicians, researchers, and academic staff.   

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Office of Research

Achieving International Distinction for Our Basic Science and Clinical Research Programs