LSU Health Shreveport Office of Research is committed to innovating novel licensable discoveries and positively impacting the future of the health care industry.

List of current accomplishments:

  • 39 United States Patents
  • 78 Foreign Patents
  • Revenue: 5 million +
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For questions regarding intellectual property and disclosures, please contact the Office of Technology Transfer:

1501 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA 71103
Phone: (318) 675-4125
Fax: (318) 675-7015


3-D Printed Ventilators

These devices are unique in that they do not require complex equipment, or machining for assembly. Similar emergency 3D-printed devices being created are typically complex and require some engineering skills to be assembled, in addition to knowledge of electronics and availability of specialized components that need to be ordered and assembled. The devices designed by LSU Health Shreveport are very easy to assemble.

Learn more about these Ventilators

3-D Printed Nasal Swabs

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has produced many medical challenges, which LSU Health Shreveport has risen to meet. Among the most important goals for clinicians and scientists has been to determine whether a patient is infected with COVID-19.  Scientists at LSU Health Shreveport were able to utilize existing research and design facilities at the institution to 3D print resin polymer nasal swabs for testing.

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The Office of Innovation stands ready to build strong relationships with potential investors and funding agencies with the goals of:

  • Commercializing available technologies & intellectual property
  • Developing new & marketable intellectual property

The Office of Innovations also seeks to:

  • Identify new collaborative partners whose strengths complement those of  LSU Health Shreveport   
  • Increase recruitment of faculty with a track record of developing commercially viable technologies by offering a supportive and professional staff to assist in such endeavors   
  • Stay abreast of competition allowing for understanding of competitive market strength
  • Demonstrate best practices among academia and the broader business community

Our Staff

Julia Knight, MBA
Technology Coordinator

Annella B. Nelson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development

Innovation and
Tech Transfer