• Sales representatives will receive a postgraduate request form of which details such as specimen criteria, expendable supplies, and catering needs can be specified.
  • Once request forms are submitted to the Director, a rough cost estimate will be sent to the vendor for their company's approval.  Note: Different companies may or may not require approval of the estimated cost
  • After approval from vendor's company, the Director along with LSU Health Shreveport's Dept. of Legal Affairs will draft a contract and send to the company's authorized legal signer.  Contracts are considered fully executed and binding once signatures are obtained from the anticipated sponsoring company and LSU Health Shreveport's Chancellor or authorized legal signer. 
  • After completion of course, an itemized invoice will be sent to the sponsoring vendor and participating sales representative.
  • Policies & Procedures governing SPARTA are available upon request from the Director of Surgical Skills. 

Course bookings/dates are first initiated by contacting the Director of Surgical Skills, La'Tonyia Franklin, RN via Email at and/or (318) 675-8465.

Policies & Procedures

Additional Policies & Procedures are available upon request to Lab Director.

It is SPARTA's policy that all participants utilizing the lab, follow all safety rules/regulations, and show respect for the dignity and humanity of the specimens used throughout the course. Click on the following link to view the responsibilities of the instructor as well as the participants.


Surgical Skills Lab

Policies and Procedures