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It is not uncommon for medical students to find themselves feeling overwhelmed with academic concerns.  For many, school has always come easy and preparation seemed second nature.  Once in medical school they find the old strategies that had always worked so well are now insufficient.  If that happens, seek assistance.  Asking for help early is much better than finding yourself in a deep hole.  Listed below are several options and types of academic assistance available to you.  Become familiar with these resources so if you need them there will be no delay in getting some help.
Tutors: Our department will be happy to provide a tutor for any specific subject area that you feel insecure.  All tutors are upperclassman volunteers, so not only are they competent in the subject content, they are also familiar with exactly what you are facing.  In general these students are able to provide guidance in how to study and organize your schedule to suit the material.

Class Clarification: Having multiple professors in one course can seem impersonal and make you reluctant to visit with a specific professor.  However, that is a great place to begin any time you are confused or have specific questions about a topic or presentation.  If you have trouble connecting with a specific professor, go to the Course Director.  Most professors are happy to help any student who seeks some additional clarification or support.
Study Skills/Test Taking: There are some skills and strategies that will help make study time and test preparation more efficient and productive.  Dr. Peggy Murphy can help you discover a plan that works for you. (email:

Another resource that can be very valuable is your classmates in years two, three, and four.  They can provide suggestions and resources that helped them just a short time ago. Just remember that what works for one parson, may not be the solution for you!

Mental and physical health go hand in hand with academic success.  Don’t forget those to important areas in your daily routine.

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Contact Information

Location:  Room 1-204
(1st floor, B Building)

Peggy Murphy, PhD
Director for Student Affairs
Phone: (318) 675-6570

Kimberly Voorhies
Coordinator for Student Affairs
Phone:  (318) 675-5415

Laura Grayson
Associate Coordinator for Student Affairs
Phone:  (318) 675-5339

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Our School of Medicine provides students with many different student services to support their needs.