Student Rights/Preventing Student Mistreatment

Louisiana State University Health Shreveport (LSUHS) is dedicated to providing its students, residents, faculty, staff, and patients with an environment of respect, dignity, and support. The diverse backgrounds, personalities, and learning needs of individual students must be considered at all times in order to foster appropriate and effective teacher-learner relationships. Honesty, fairness, evenhanded treatment, and respect for students’ physical and emotional well-being are the foundation of establishing an effective learning environment.

Student’s Rights

Mistreatment and abuse of students by faculty, residents, or staff is contrary to the educational objectives of the LSU Health Shreveport and will not be tolerated. Mistreatment and abuse include, but are not limited to, berating, belittling, or humiliation; physical punishment or threats; intimidation; sexual harassment; harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference, age, religion, physical or learning disabilities; assigning a grade for reasons other than the student’s performance; assigning tasks for punishment or non-educational purposes; requiring the performance of personal services; or failing to give students credit for work they have done. Additionally, students have the right to file a complaint for alleged mistreatment.  LSUHSC-S Chancellor Memorandum 21 (CM-21), ensures equitable procedures for addressing written student complaints. You may file a complete a Mistreatment Incident Report here.

Students have rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and all appropriate federal, state and local laws. Primary among those is the right to a fair and impartial hearing, if the student is accused of misconduct or violating university regulations. LSU Health Shreveport has existing policies and procedures that relate to the following: financial aid; sexual harassment; final grade appeal; parking; illegal drugs; alcohol; firearms/weapons; a student’s access to records, and privacy; computer/internet/email use; dress and professional conduct; health insurance; and liability insurance. Issues that relate to these specific policies, which may be found on the LSUHS website, should be addressed to the appropriate office.

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