Gold Humanism Honor Society

Caroline DeGraw, GHHS September 2020 Student of the Month - LSU Health Shreveport

Our September Gold Humanism Honor Society Student of the Month is Caroline DeGraw, MSII! Caroline was nominated due to her extensive work with the LSUHS COVID-19 Outreach Taskforce. Caroline spent the majority of her summer traveling to nursing homes in NWLA, swabbing residents for COVID, and teaching her fellow classmates to do the same. She travelled to Tallulah, LA and assisted in swabbing 300+ migrant workers on a sweet potato farm. As the majority of the workers only spoke Spanish, Caroline did her best to learn basic Spanish on the spot to better assist those she was testing. Caroline stated that, "it is important to me that I can connect with every person/patient I come in contact with and language is a huge part of that." Her enthusiasm and zeal for patient care is inspiring. Congratulations, Caroline!

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Congratulations to the Gold Humanism Honor Society Class of 2021 Inductees! 
The new members were inducted via virtual ceremony in April, 2020.

Student Inductees

Kirsten Fontenot
Harley Bordelon
Mae Lobrano
Ryan Rougelot
Blake LeBlanc
Charles deBoisblanc
Katie Frith
Alexandra Morgan
Jenna Mailhes

Student Inductees

James Pearson
Neesha Siriwardane
Hannah Barkley
Mary Piekos
James Robinson
Eleanor Cook
Allison Rogers
Kyleigh  Harrison
Audrey Demand
Langley Sampognaro

Resident Inductees

  • Dr. Katrina Castille, General Surgery
  • Dr. Dylan Harrell, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Loveita Raymond, Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Dr. Kristen Sandoz, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Michelle Finch, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dr. Alex Fuselier, Urology

Faculty Inductees

  • Dr. Shahzeem Bhayani, Asst. Professor of Medicine
  • Dr. Laurie Grier, Professor of Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, OBGYN, and OMFS
  • Dr. Diana Veillon, Professor of Pathology and Residency Program Director
  • Dr. Michael Sewell, Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Dr. David Scarborough, Associate Clinical Professor of Endocrinology

2020 Inductees