Gold Humanism Honor Society

Student of the Month

man with red hair and moustache wearing graduation gown

Our October, 2023 Gold Humanism Honor Society Student of the Month is Layne Landry, MSIV!
Layne consistently goes above and beyond for his patients and colleagues. During his surgery rotation, he brought a calming presence and offered words of encouragement. One memorable instance involved a young woman anxious about her biopsy. Layne stayed by her side, providing reassurance throughout the procedure. Even amidst demanding rotations, he revisited a patient struggling to understand his diagnosis, dedicating extra time to help him make an informed treatment decision. He extends this same kindness to his team members. When a visiting student found themselves nervous and without transportation, Layne stepped in to help them navigate the hospital and the city, ensuring they felt truly welcomed. Layne undeniably embodies the qualities of an outstanding future physician!



I pledge by all that I hold dear as a Physician:

  • I will Care for my patients with Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Integrity and Clinical Excellence;
  • I will Listen to my patients with my whole being;
  • I will Advocate for each patient as a unique individual;
  • I will Serve as a role model and mentor to promote humanism in health care;
  • I will Remember always the healing power of acts of caring;
  • I will Dedicate myself to joining with others to make health care optimal for all.



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