Gold Humanism Honor Society

Gold Humanism Honor Society honors Meredith Nelson, MSII at LSU Health Shreveport

Congratulations to Meredith Nelson, MSII, the Gold Humanism Honor Society Student of the Month for July! Meredith Nelson always brings a selfless attitude to her patients while working with the LSU Health Shreveport COVID-19 Task Force, swabbing elderly patients for COVID-19 in nursing homes around North Louisiana. She shows kindness and compassion to all patients, always taking time to make sure each patient fully understands the test, why it is necessary, and why certain safety measures like masks are so important. She makes each patient feel special, important, and understood. Meredith always extends a hand to hold, offers encouragement to those who are nervous or scared, and makes sure to show that same kindness to her fellow team members. Meredith’s caring heart and commitment to compassion exemplify humanism in a time when social distancing has redefined connection. Congratulations, Meredith!

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Congratulations to the Gold Humanism Honor Society Class of 2021 Inductees! 
The new members were inducted via virtual ceremony in April, 2020.

Student Inductees

Kirsten Fontenot
Harley Bordelon
Mae Lobrano
Ryan Rougelot
Blake LeBlanc
Charles deBoisblanc
Katie Frith
Alexandra Morgan
Jenna Mailhes

Student Inductees

James Pearson
Neesha Siriwardane
Hannah Barkley
Mary Piekos
James Robinson
Eleanor Cook
Allison Rogers
Kyleigh  Harrison
Audrey Demand
Langley Sampognaro

Resident Inductees

  • Dr. Katrina Castille, General Surgery
  • Dr. Dylan Harrell, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Loveita Raymond, Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Dr. Kristen Sandoz, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Michelle Finch, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dr. Alex Fuselier, Urology

Faculty Inductees

  • Dr. Shahzeem Bhayani, Asst. Professor of Medicine
  • Dr. Laurie Grier, Professor of Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, OBGYN, and OMFS
  • Dr. Diana Veillon, Professor of Pathology and Residency Program Director
  • Dr. Michael Sewell, Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Dr. David Scarborough, Associate Clinical Professor of Endocrinology

2020 Inductees