Professionalism Policy

Professionalism Committee Hearing Procedures

A quorum of seven (7) members is required for meeting and decision making of the Professionalism Committee

  • Professionalism Committee meetings shall be conducted in private. Admission of any person to the meeting shall be at the discretion of the Professionalism Committee Chairperson. All procedural questions are subject to the final decision of the Professionalism Committee Chair.
  • If more than one student is the subject of the complaint, then the Chair, in his or her discretion, may call for separate meetings to be conducted for each student.
  • A student who is the subject of a complaint brought before the Professionalism Committee may ask the Director for Student Affairs or another member of the medical school community to accompany and advise him or her throughout the process. The advisor's function is not to serve as an advocate but, instead, as a liaison with the School to help the student understand how the Committee functions and how best to address the complaint before the Committee.
  • Students are responsible for presenting all information related to the complaint to the Professionalism Committee. Advisors are not permitted to participate directly in any meeting before the Professionalism Committee.
  • The subject student may submit a written statement prior to the Professional Committee meeting to assure that the Committee has adequate information. If the student believes that other community members have relevant information, he or she should indicate such in the written statement. The Chair has the discretion to decide which, if any, community members should be contacted and or appear at the Professional Committee meeting.
  • The Professional Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, may invite faculty, students, administrators, or other members of the community who may have information that is relevant to the matter under review to share such information with the Committee. Ordinarily, the names of such community members, and, if applicable, written statements from them, will be provided to the student in advance of the Professional Committee meeting.
  • After hearing all student and complainant presentations, the Professionalism Committee shall determine whether the student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. The Committee's de- termination shall be made based on whether it is more likely than not that the student violated the Student Code of Conduct.
  • The Professionalism Committee shall decide on the appropriate sanction or remediation plan, if any, that is needed.
  • The Professionalism Committee Chair or the Vice-Chair shall convey in writing the Commit- tee's final decision within seven (7) days of completion of the Committee's meeting to the student and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Material related to the Professionalism Committee process is maintained confidentially in the student's academic file. The Association for American Medical Colleges (AAMC) requires that professionalism issues that rise to the level of review and sanction by a professionalism committee must be reported in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).

If the student demonstrates a pattern of recidivism or fails to complete the required remediation plan as outlined, the matter will be returned to the Professionalism Committee. The Professionalism Committee will then submit its recommendation for additional action that may include dismissal. The Dean of the School of Medicine to make the final determination.


As a matter of right, a student may appeal the decision of the Professionalism Committee. An appeal must be made to the Dean of the School of Medicine within ten (10) working days of the Professional- ism Committee's decision. In general, requests for an appeal should be based on information not previously considered. The Dean of the School of Medicine, or his/her designee, shall decide within ten (10) working days after receipt of appeal whether further action should be taken. Once a decision is made, the Dean, or his/her designee, will notify all parties of the decision. The decision of the Dean, or his/her designee, shall conclude the matter.

Faculty Professionalism Complaint Report Form