Academic Societies for the School of Medicine

The Office of Student Affairs for the School of Medicine has implemented six academic societies that are named in honor of former Deans or Chancellors of our school. The goal of the academic societies is to provide mentoring and coaching to all medical students during their four years of medical school.

Mission Statement

Established in 2021, under the direction of Dr. Debbie Chandler, the Academic Societies exemplify our innovative approach to medical education. They serve as the organizational framework for students’ general medical education, professional growth, and social support. The Societies form an integral part of the LSU Health Shreveport (LSUHS) experience. 

The Academic Societies at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine are designed to provide a support system for students as they acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to succeed as a physician. This goal is accomplished by enhancing the interaction between faculty and students through small group and individual career advising opportunities.

Using the framework of a community style medical education, the Academic Societies at LSU Health Shreveport will include faculty members, students, society advisory deans, and coordinators to provide support for career planning and choosing residencies, as well as offer enrichment opportunities and promote individual growth.

Program Overview

All LSU Health Shreveport medical students are members of one of Six Academic Societies. At freshman orientation, medical students are randomly assigned to one of the Six Academic Societies. Medical students remain a member of their society throughout their medical education. Each Society is composed of up to 100 students, 25 students from each class.

Each Society will have a 5 Student Officers - The officers will consist of 2 MSIV officers, 1 MSIII officer, 1 MSII Officer, and 1 MSI officer. These officers will be self-nominated and then elected by the students within the society.

The Societies will organize 9 Career Advising talks open to all students, offer one-on-one career advising, one-on-one personal advising, and social events for students in order to support their growth from medical students to medical professionals. 

Each Society may provide the following services:

Career Planning

  • Workshops and panel discussions in preparation for residency application
  • Early career counseling for first year and second year students
  • Career counseling for third year and fourth year students
  • One-on-one meetings to help students find mentors for their career of choice
  • Assist with CV, personal statement

Personal Advising

  • Management of life events while pursuing educational endeavors
  • Referrals to individual support programs such as Learning Specialist or Student Counseling Services, Student Health Services

Research Support

  • Research
  • Letters of recommendation for research grants, fellowships, and year-long programs
  • Coordination with the Office of Academic Affairs for publications

The Academic Societies

Society Spotlight

Society Spotlight - New Chair of Hull Society
Society Spotlight - Chesson Society, March 2023

The Chesson Society hosted a lunch and learn for their MSIII and MSIV students where the MSIV students could share information and advice about their transition to fourth year. The Chesson Society also partnered with the student organization, MeSCO (Medical Student Charity Outreach), to conduct a community health screening event on Saturday, February 11th, 2023.

Contact Us

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Laura Grayson is the project coordinator for the LSUHS School of Medicine Academic Societies and Associate Coordinator for the Office of Student Affairs. Laura moved back to Shreveport in 2020 after spending four years in St. Louis, MO where she worked for a marketing firm. In her free time, Laura loves to play soccer, bike, and spend time with her husband, Coleman, and her dog, Kima.



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Academic Societies

School of Medicine

Academic Societies

School of Medicine

Academic Societies

School of Medicine

Academic Societies

School of Medicine

Academic Societies

School of Medicine