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It is a great time to be considering a career in medicine, and LSU Health Shreveport is a great place to pursue your goal. A mature institution, our health sciences center comprises a School of Medicine, a School of Graduate Studies, and a School of Allied Health Professions.


Early Decision Program

Early Decision Program

The Early Decision Program (EDP) is for exceptionally motivated, capable, and passionate applicants who are certain that LSU Health Shreveport is their first choice. The Admissions Committee reviews EDP applicants in August of the application year. EDP applicants will be contacted by the Admissions Office to advise them of the Committee’s decision regarding an interview.

Completed File

It is the responsibility of each applicant to meet established deadlines and to monitor the status of their AMCAS and LSU Health Shreveport secondary applications. All AMCAS-verified applicants will receive an email containing a link to our brief secondary application. The Admissions Office intends to send an email to each applicant upon completion of his or her file. Applicants will not be considered for an interview until all required information has been received and their file is complete.

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Components of a completed file are as follows:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all requirements are met in the allotted timeframe. Soon after the August 1 deadline, EDP applicants with incomplete files will be notified that they have become regular applicants, and that their non-admission through EDP does not prejudice their outcome in the regular process.

Early Decision Program Guidelines

  • Applicants to the EDP must indicate “Early Decision” on the AMCAS application.
  • The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) must be taken no later than the spring of the year students are applying. 
  • EDP interviews will be held in September of the application year. Only selected applicants are invited to interview. 
  • Applicants should only apply EDP with the full intention of attending LSU Health Shreveport if accepted. 
  • Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent not later than October 1 of the application year. An acceptance by LSU Health Shreveport means a firm commitment to attend.
  • Applicants not accepted or selected to interview under the Early Decision Program are given full consideration for admission during the regular cycle. 
  • After October 1, applicants become eligible to apply to any other medical school of their choice.

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