How to Apply

Applicants to LSU Health Shreveport must complete both the online American Medical College Application (AMCAS) and LSU Health Shreveport secondary applications.

Completed File
It is the responsibility of each applicant to meet established deadlines and to monitor the status of their AMCAS and LSU Health Shreveport secondary applications. All AMCAS-verified applicants will be given the opportunity to complete our brief secondary application. The Admissions Office intends to send an email to each applicant upon completion of his or her file. Applicants will not be considered for an interview until all required information has been received and their file is complete.

Components of a completed file are as follows:

  • Verified AMCAS application
  • Letters of recommendation (submitted via AMCAS only)
  • Submitted secondary application
  • Paid application fee or AMCAS fee waiver verification
  • Uploaded photo (requested, but not required)

AMCAS Application
Applicants must complete an application through the online American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) at AMCAS is the national application service that processes applications for MD Programs throughout the United States. Through AMCAS, an applicant may apply to most MD programs by completing one application and paying the appropriate fees. AMCAS provides the applicant-selected college with applicant information immediately upon completion of AMCAS transcript verification process.

The AMCAS application period begins in late May and terminates on or before November 15 prior to the year in which the applicant expects to matriculate. The AMCAS Application deadline is the date when students must submit the application, all fees, original transcripts, and associated data to AMCAS.

Letters of Recommendation
We use the AMCAS Letters Service exclusively. The Admissions Office will only accept letters of recommendation that have been submitted via AMCAS. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate letters are provided to AMCAS. Refer to AMCAS for detailed instructions for the letters of recommendation process. It is important that you coordinate with your Pre-med Advising Office since many will send the letter package for you.

While not required, we strongly prefer a letter from your Pre-professional Advisory Committee or its equivalent. If you have a letter from the Committee, you do not need any other letters. If your school does not have a Committee, letters from three individual professors will suffice. Science professors are preferred.

Secondary Application
All AMCAS-verified applicants will receive an email containing a link to our brief secondary application. Technical Standards and the LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine Honor Code are included with the Secondary Application. All students must be able to meet our school’s Technical Standards, with or without reasonable accommodation; all applicants are asked (though not required) to attest to their willingness to abide by the school’s Honor Code.

Application Fee
We require a non-refundable application fee of $50, which must be paid online through the AMCAS student portal. Applicants who receive an AMCAS fee waiver are exempt from this fee.

You are encouraged to upload, through the applicant gateway on your AMCAS, a current, appropriate jpeg or PDF image of yourself for identification purposes.

Please be mindful that this is your introduction to the Admissions Committee. Of course, your goal is to project a professional, polished, and mature image.

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School of Medicine Admissions

School of Medicine Admissions

School of Medicine Admissions

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