After Acceptance

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a magnificent adventure!

You may have some questions about LSU Health Shreveport and what is going to happen between now and matriculation. We will try to answer some of those here:

Do I have to use the Choose Your Medical School tool?
LSU Health Shreveport does not restrict applicant acceptance options based on the recent changes to the national admissions process. Our program intends to honor the intent of the AAMC protocols for both applicants and admissions officers. In this spirit, we request that applicants uphold the April 30 AAMC protocol to reduce acceptance holdings to one program.

LSU Health Shreveport has established a deadline of July 8 for accepted applicants to commit to enroll and relinquish all other places.

What is the difference between Current Address and Permanent Address?
Your current address is the address where time-sensitive mail will reach you fastest. Your permanent address is a backup. If mail gets returned from the current address, we'll send it to the permanent address. It's important to keep these up-to-date, both with AMCAS and in our office, to aid with efficient communication.

How much is the seat deposit?
LSU Health Shreveport does not charge a seat deposit.

Do I have to be at Registration?

What do I need to do to register?
The Registrar will contact you about several items and tasks you must complete in a timely manner in order to register on the last Friday of July. You will correspond directly with her on these matters.

Do you have dorms?
No. LSU Health Shreveport does not offer on-campus housing.

Where do medical students live?
Because LSU Health Shreveport is conveniently located near two major arteries, the answer is, "Everywhere." One of the great advantages of living in Shreveport is the abundance of safe, affordable housing. All parts of the city are an easy commute from the medical center. You can walk your dog or jog at night, have affordable housing, and still be a 15-minute drive from the medical center in Shreveport. While more students are buying great houses in safe, nearby neighborhoods, in general, most students live in apartments or homes in southeast Shreveport.

School of Medicine Admissions

School of Medicine Admissions

School of Medicine Admissions

School of Medicine Admissions