Pre-Clerkship Curriculum

The pre-clerkship phase is comprised of Module I – Core Concepts in Basic Science and Module II –Organ-Based Concepts in Medicine.  The pre-clerkship phase includes:

  • lectures
  • laboratory sessions
  • weekly problem-based learning small group sessions
  • case-based learning sessions
  • self-directed learning
  • clinical experiences
  • standardized patient encounters

In addition, patient presentations are included in most courses and help to illustrate the clinical importance of basic sciences throughout the curriculum. All lectures not involving patients are podcast for real-time use and/or later study. 

The Foundations of Clinical Medicine, a longitudinal doctoring course, spans the first two years. Instruction integrates simulation, standardized patient encounters, and real-life experiences.  The course also delivers education related to interprofessional collaboration and culturally responsive medicine. 

The pre-clerkship phase ends with a Basic Science Review Course and completion of the USMLE Step I Examination. 

Year 1 Curriculum


Year 2 Curriculum


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