Learning Specialists

The Learning Specialists can help you plan to achieve academic success through the creation of a personalized study plan and schedule. They provide academic counseling in a variety of areas such as study strategies, time-management, and test-taking skills. Academic counseling is available in-person and online throughout all four years of medical school.

Academic Counseling Can Help With…

  • Notetaking; studying and learning more effectively
  • Finding and utilizing supplemental tools/resources
  • Lessening text anxiety
  • Preparing and taking exams in a more productive way
  • Managing time more effectively

Our Learning Specialist

Elizabeth Rambo

Contact Information 

Email: elizabeth.rambo@lsuhs.edu
Office: (318) 675-6139

Office hours:
T-TH, 9:30am-3:30pm

Ms. Grace Rambo provides one-on-one academic counseling for students who need help with study strategies and resources, time-management, and test-taking. She is also the Co-Chair of the Academic Success Council and a faculty sponsor of SEAM, Student Educators and Advanced Mentors. She earned her Master of Arts in Teaching from Centenary in 2017. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Library and Informational Science.