Academic Progression

Academic Progression is a term used by the School of Medicine meaning that a student is maintaining progress in the curriculum, according to the standards and practices of the institution. 
LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine’s Policy Academic Progress requires a student to complete the medical curriculum by meeting both a qualitative (grade requirement) and a quantitative (work completed) requirement as prescribed by the faculty. All students must complete the curriculum of each year and receive a grade of “P” or better in all required courses before proceeding to the next year or graduating. Students also must complete the graduation requirements by the time of regular spring graduation during the sixth year following the first enrollment. 

The Academic Success Council (ASC), acting as the student promotions committee, makes the determination for Academic Progress. The ASC is responsible for reviewing the progress of students at the end of each course or clerkship and at the end of an academic year. Continued enrollment, remedial work and/or repeat of one or more courses, must be approved by the Academic Success Council. The ASC will meet regularly to review all aspects of a student's contribution to the program and overall academic progress. 

Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to be eligible for financial aid. The Office of Student Financial Aid has established guidelines (based on federal regulations) for re-evaluating student progress. This information is available for students to review at: Satisfactory Academic Progress. Responsibility for understanding the financial aid implications of academic progress rests solely on the student. Questions should be directed the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Policies relating to Academic Progression