Students Complaints & Grievance Policy

All students in the School of Graduate Studies (Graduate School) at LSU Health Shreveport have the right to express a complaint / grievance on academic or non-academic issues. Students must provide evidence of error, miscalculation, omission, or other action negatively impacting the student. The purpose of the complaint / grievance process is to provide students with an opportunity for fair and objective consideration and review of their issue. Students are expected to follow established procedural guidelines for academic and/or non-academic complaints or issues.

Individuals wishing to remain anonymous can file a complaint in any manner, including online, by telephone, or by written communication.  However, electing to remain anonymous may limit the Institutions ability to correct the issue.  Faculty / staff have mandatory reporting and response obligations for Title IX offenses and may not be able to honor a complainant’s request for confidentiality.

Grievance/Complaint Procedure

Please click the tab for appropriate protocol for filing a complaint or grievance. If a basis exists for an academic or non-academic complaint beyond the Department Chair, it is recommended that a student submit a complaint to the Associate Dean’s Office by phone, email or in person, or via the online Graduate School Complaint form. This policy applies to complaints by students in the School of Graduate Studies relative to:


Barbara Tillman    
Project Coordinator
Graduate Studies
318-675-4343 (fax)

Office No: F1-32A/B

Final resolution of academic and non-academic complaints

If a resolution cannot be reached by the faculty, Department Chair, or Associate Dean, the Dean will review the appeal from all levels, and take one of the following actions:

  1. Render a decision based on the written appeal and review of all documentation and investigation.
  2. Meet with all parties concerned, who may be accompanied by advisors if desired, and then reach a decision.
  3. Refer the appeal to an ad hoc grievance committee for its recommendation.
    a. If the Dean, chooses to convene an ad hoc grievance committee, the Dean will appoint a faculty chairperson and 5 members (3 faculty / 2 students).
    b. The panel will conduct a hearing to review facts from the concerned parties. After deliberation, the committee will make its recommendation in writing to the Dean within 5 working days of the hearing.
    c. The Dean’s decision will be in writing. It will list the reasons supporting the decision.

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