LSU Health Shreveport’s School of Graduate Studies prepares students to become biomedical scientists contributing to advances in healthcare and biotechnology, as well as educators equipped to train future generations of basic scientists, physicians and other healthcare professionals. The School of Graduate Studies offers PhD degrees in six programs, two Master of Science degrees, and a combined MD-PhD degree program. Successful applicants can enter directly into one of these programs, or PhD students can enter through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Admissions Portal (IGP). For students with broad interests who have yet to focus their research interests in a single area, the two-semester IGP provides them with the opportunity to complete core courses and lab rotations in any basic science department before deciding on a department and faculty advisor to supervise their research project and disseration.

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Students are the number one priority at LSUHS’s School of Graduate Studies.

  • Students start working in labs during their first semester.

  • Student-to-faculty ratio of less than 2:1 so every student receives a personalized and collaborative education and training experience.

  • Faculty members provide close mentorship to each student, helping them succeed in defining and achieving their goals. 

  • Graduate Student Council is an elected student body that ensures every student voice is heard, from school improvements to planning events. 

Victoria Bradford Testimonial
female medical student

I chose LSUHS because of the ample opportunities to conduct research in the field of neuroscience/addiction and to have faculty that have dedicated their careers to this area. It’s more than just coursework or research, the faculty truly have a passion for helping people and want to make a difference and being able to see that full circle is truly a rare thing.  It makes me excited to go work everyday & also makes all the hard work and studying worth while.
- Victoria Bradford, Graduate Student in Pharmacology, Toxicology & Neuroscience

David Gross Testimonial
man in glasses

“LSUHS School of Graduate Studies is an ideal place to conduct your PhD research. The school itself, and the research laboratories of our faculty, are neither too big nor too small. Students are afforded close supervision by their faculty mentors, and have access to top-of-the-line equipment and technologies. A perfect environment exists here to conduct cutting-edge research and publish authoritative firstauthor scientific papers.”
Dr. David Gross, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Karen Stokes Testimonial

“One of my favorite parts of working at LSU Health Shreveport is the truly collaborative environment. This means trainees often interact with many faculty beyond their mentor and committee members. The widespread, open-door policy also stimulates trainees to engage members of other labs about their project, and that in turn frequently ignites new ideas and directions for their research. It truly is a ‘village’ approach to training!”
Dr. Karen Stokes, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

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LSUHS faculty and researchers receive grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, NASA, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, American Heart Association, Rockefeller Foundation, and more. More than $18 million in grant funding was awarded to LSUHS faculty and researchers in 2021.

Research Areas include: Cardiac Muscle and Vascular Disease, Neuroscience, Cancer and Metastasis, Gene Regulation, Immunology, Substance Use and Related Disorders, Viral and Bacterial Pathogenesis, Cell Metabolism and Toxicity, and more.

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LSU Health Sciences Foundation Honors Community First-Responders and Healthcare Professionals at  11th Annual An Evening for Healers

This year the LSUHS Foundation celebrated record-breaking fundraising with more than $500,000 raised in a single year from more than 100 sponsors. Funds help LSUHS recruit and retain top faculty, acquire cutting-edge technology and equipment, and support programs for students at all three LSUHS schools.

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Louisiana State University Health Shreveport (LSUHS) strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture that supports equity, acceptance, and respect for the differences in others. The institution is committed to achieving excellence in fulfilling its mission by utilizing the rich talents of individuals who contribute different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to the work and learning environment and who reflect the varied populations of Louisiana. As such, the institution adopts a definition of diversity that embraces a broad spectrum of human expression and characteristics that include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, social and cultural attributes, abilities, sexual orientation, religion, rural or metropolitan background, military or veteran status, and age. In addition, diversity also includes life experiences, record of service, and other talents and personal attributes that enhance the work and learning atmosphere. LSUHS is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse community through the recruitment, enrollment, hiring, and retention/graduation of students, faculty, staff, and leadership who meet this definition of diversity.


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