The Mollie E. Webb Speech & Hearing Center is an outpatient clinic located at 3735 Blair Street and operates within the School of Allied Health Professions. The Center offers help to people of all ages with speech, language, and hearing challenges. Graduate students evaluate and treat speech and language problems under close faculty supervision. The faculty is comprised of nationally certified and state-licensed speech-language pathologists. As part of the evaluation, the client may be asked to describe, name, or point to pictures and objects. A hearing screening is also completed as part of the evaluation. Treatment may include speech or language therapy. In some cases, special devices may be used to enhance communication (augmentative and alternative communication). The Mollie E. Webb Speech & Hearing Center is the only National Aphasia Association recognized Aphasia Center in Northern Louisiana. 


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3735 Blair Drive
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Parking: Ample free parking is available in front of the Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center building. 

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Speech & Hearing Center

Speech & Hearing Center