Clinical Psychology Internship

The Children's Center at the LSU Health Shreveport, School of Allied Health Professions offers a comprehensive internship program in child clinical psychology to doctoral students in psychology.

Through leadership and innovation, the Children’s Center strives to create a collaborative partnership with other departments within the LSU Health Shreveport hospital system to address children’s complex mental health and behavioral needs.  The main clinic is located within the School of Allied Health Professions, on the LSU Health Shreveport Hospital Campus. Working hospital relationships include the Department of Psychiatry, Department of Pediatrics, Communication Disorders, and the Master of Public Health Program. Outside agencies which the Children’s Center collaborate with include Caddo Parish Head Start, Webster Parish Head Start and Caddo Parish Juvenile Court.

The Children’s Center offers a 12-month clinical psychology internship emphasizing training in children aged 2-15. The internship is characterized by a variety of clinical activities, supervision by a multidisciplinary faculty and a wide array of clinical offerings, seminars, and other educational experiences.

Our internship program is currently a member the Association for Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). This internship is not currently accredited through the American Psychological Association (APA).

Director of Training

Adam Blancher, PhD
Associate Professor
Clinical Psychologist
LA License #1266 

(318) 813-2963


This program is designed specifically for students admitted in a doctoral training program who have completed at least 4 years of full-time graduate study in clinical/counseling psychology, including practicum level experience in diagnostic assessment, various intervention modalities, and specific experience with children and families. Preference is given to students in APA-accredited doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology; applicants from school psychology programs with the requisite experience are also considered.

Internship Mission Statement and Goals

The primary mission of LSU Health Shreveport is to teach, heal, and discover, in order to advance the well-being of the region and beyond. The mission of the LSU Health Shreveport Children's Center is to maximize the potential of children, infancy through 15 years of age, throughout the Ark-La-Tex by providing diagnostic assessment and treatment, supporting and educating families and service providers, and offering technical assistance and outreach to community agencies.

The Children’s Center Doctoral Internship Program’s mission is to train doctoral level interns using efficient, high quality, evidence-based mental health practices in order to prepare them for dynamic roles as psychologists in the health care system. The goal of the doctoral internship programs in clinical psychology is to provide interns with training within the multidisciplinary LSU Health Shreveport system as well as the community at large. By providing robust and intensive training, we can actualize the mission of Children’s Center and that of LSU Health Shreveport.

The Children’s Center Doctoral Internship in Psychology is a significant expression of LSU’s ongoing, central commitment to training graduate students in the field of psychology. An important feature of our internship is that while service is a key part of the internship program, the program’s first commitment is to training. The following are our program aims:

Aim 1: Interns will gain the clinical knowledge and skills needed for entry-level positions as professional psychologists.


  • Assessment: Interns will be able to conduct assessments using a variety of information sources, develop a comprehensive formulation of the client’s difficulties, and make appropriate treatment recommendations;
  • Intervention: Interns will be able to maintain a treatment relationship that facilitates effective client outcomes, and to implement several types of evidence-based psychotherapy and psychological interventions, at a level consistent with beginning professional practice.
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Interns will demonstrate effective interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills with clients and coworkers.
  • Consultation & Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Skills: Interns will be familiar with concepts of consultation, and demonstrate beginning skills in this area;
  • Supervision: Interns will be familiar with concepts of supervision, and demonstrate beginning skills.

Aim 2: Interns will demonstrate knowledge and skills for research-informed, professional, ethical, and culturally sensitive practice as psychologists.


  • Research: Interns will demonstrate critical thinking of research and integration of science into practice.
  • Professional Values, Attitudes & Behaviors: Interns will demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of their role.

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit the following information through the APPIC online application process (AAPI):

  1. Cover letter indicating their professional goals and interests
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Writing sample (psychological report)
  5. Completed AAPI (APPIC Application for Psychology Internship) via APPIC online
  6. All graduate school transcripts

NOTE: Once an individual has matched to this program, LSU Health Shreveport will conduct a criminal record check (CORI), as required by Louisiana Law. In additional we require driving record checks of all employees. A final match is contingent upon the successful completion of the CORI. Typically, select applicants participate in a series of interviews with program faculty, usually conducted on one of three days in January, along with other applicants. This format allows applicants the opportunity to meet several faculty, current and former interns, and clarify their understanding of the program model and requirements.

Applications must be received on or before November 30, 2021. Our application constitutes the AAPI Online Form. We require 2 letters of recommendation in addition to the letter from the training director of your program which is included in the AAPI Online Form.

Interviews are by invitation only. In order to be considered for an interview, your completed application must be received by November 15, 2021. Invitations for interviews will be sent before December 15. Please do not call before December 15th. Interviews will be conducted in early January, 2022.

For applicants applying for internships which would begin in 2022,
all interviews will be conducted via Zoom teleconferencing.

Requirements for Selection

The following is the minimum requirements for consideration for the program:

  • Total Direct Contact Intervention Hours: 150 
  • Total Direct Contact Assessment Hours: 300

Preference will be given to those applicants who can demonstrate familiarity with child/adolescent intervention techniques as well as assessment measures.

Start and End Dates

The doctoral internship is a full-time experience for the calendar year, beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2023.

Salary and Benefits

Interns receive a yearly stipend totaling $25,000.00 (base salary $25,000 + fringe benefits package) for all interns at Children’s Center. Interns have 10 national holidays, and 6 days of sick leave. Additional days off may be requested and approved by the program Director of Training. Most approved time off is related to significant medical issues (COVID-19, pregnancy/delivery) or school related duties (defending dissertation). It should be noted that extended leave may jeopardize completion of the program in 12 months. The Program provides access to medical insurance for intern and some cost contribution by the intern is required.

Training Experience

The aim of the internship program at Children’s Center is to train professional psychologists who have a particular interest in child psychology. The program is designed to encourage the development of clinical competence with children and families, with sensitivity to, and facility with, cultural differences, ethical issues, interdisciplinary relationships, and the changing environment of health care.

This program provides the intern with the opportunity to take substantial responsibility for carrying out his or her major professional functions in the context of appropriate supervisory support. It is designed around a fundamental curriculum, which focuses on intern competencies in assessment, diagnostic interviewing, intervention, case management and triage, consultation, and critical thinking about clinical case material.

The program offers two core experiences which include ADHD and Behavioral Dysfunction Treatment and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment. These experiences last the entire internship. Interns will spend the equivalent of three days per week training in the core experiences. During both experiences, interns will refine and hone their diagnostic skills, learn the process of differential diagnosis, treatment plan formulation. The internship assumes a transtheoretical perspective and will utilize behavioral, trauma-informed, attachment and/or cognitive behavioral techniques to produce treatment gains.

Interns will also have the opportunity to spend obtain training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), forensic psychology (Juvenile Justice/Forensic), and integrated healthcare as a behavioral consultant. All of these additional experiences will be offered at the equivalent of 2 days/week.  

It is expected that each intern will receive 16-20 hour per week of direct, face-to-face service delivery during the internship year.

Didactic Modules

Interns are required to participate in at least two hours of didactic activities weekly that are designed to meet the learning goals, objectives, and competencies of the internship program. Topic areas include evidenced-based treatment and interventions relevant to the patient populations at LSU, conducting psychological assessment, interpretation and report writing, professional ethics, scholarly inquiry, cultural diversity, supervision and consultation. Interns may also attend treatment team meetings, faculty developmental activities, and continuing education programs. Interns may wish to participate in a weekly (1) hour Grand Rounds led by psychiatry faculty which addresses the latest development in empirical research and treatment in mental health.


Interns receive a minimum of 4 hours of supervision per week including both individual and group supervision.

Each intern individual supervision from the faculty psychologists. Individual supervision (2 hours per week) is primarily case discussion; however, at times, live supervision is available. The individual supervisors oversee the interns’ clinical work and professional development during their tenure at the LSU Health Shreveport Children’s Center. The individual supervisor is responsible for the interns’ specific or focused clinical and professional concerns. In addition to primary supervision by a psychologist, an intern may also receive interdisciplinary supervision from psychiatry and other specialties (e.g., SLP, OT, BCBA) during clinical activities. However, some clinics offer live supervision and role-modeling by supervisors within multidisciplinary teams. Facilities include one-way mirrors and videotaping capability, depending on the location. Supervision will also be provided on psychological assessment reports progress notes as necessary.

Interns also spend two hours a week in group supervision facilitated by licensed psychologists. Case presentation, consultation, and discussion are the primary group supervision format. In addition, the training director structures group supervision relative to professional development, which may focus on consultation, interdisciplinary communications, systems issues and program evaluation.


All members of the LSU Health Shreveport Children’s Center Doctoral Internship Program in Psychology are committed to a training process that facilitates the development of professionally relevant knowledge and skills focused on working effectively with all individuals inclusive of demographics, beliefs, attitudes and values. Members agree to engage in a mutually supportive process that examines the effects of one’s beliefs, attitudes and values on one’s work with all clients. Such training processes are consistent with LSU’s core values, respect for diversity and for values similar and different from one’s own.

As an incoming psychology trainee at LSU, it is the expectation that you:

  • Show willingness to work with a wide range of patient populations and presentations often different from yourself
  • Demonstrate respect for differing worldviews and value systems, even when they are in conflict with your own
  • Work effectively and with respect with colleagues whose views may be different and/or in conflict with your own
  • Within reason, you are expected to be willing to work with any patient who presents for treatment, except in cases where your personal physical safety is actively threatened or where the clinical competence of both the trainee and the supervisor would compromise patient care.
  • Seek out supervision, consultation and training when issues around competency emerge pertaining to a particular population and/or presenting problem

For more detailed information regarding the program, click HERE for the Internship Handbook.

Language / Interpretation Services: LSU Health Shreveport provides free aids and services to people with disabilities to communicate effectively with us, such as qualified sign language interpreters. LSU Health Shreveport provides free language services to people whose primary language is not English, such as qualified interpreters. Click to read the full document with languages provided. If you need these services, contact LSU Health Shreveport at (318) 813-2970.

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