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Accepted School of Medicine

Class of 2025

Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to our campus!  Below are items that you need to complete or become acquainted with to begin your matriculation to the LSU Health Shreveport, School of Medicine.  Please note that each section is the student’s responsibility for completing each task!  Please take the time to read each section thoroughly.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 318.675.5205 or   Do not email documents to our office.  Please take the time to read each section thoroughly.

The following items need to be submitted by the deadline dates in each section.  Please do not email sensitive information to our office.  You may click the word Upload Form link to transmit  these documents in a secure method.  You can take a photo or use a PDF scan app on your phone to transmit the documents to us through the secure Upload Form link below: 

Upload Form

If you are not able to upload these documents then please return them via mail or fax. 

Contact information for the Registrar's office:

Office of the Registrar, LSUHSC - Shreveport, 1501 Kings Hwy, Shreveport, LA  71103-3032 Phone:  318.675.5205  Fax:  318.675.4758  Email:

To check the receipt or clearance of any document, please log onto the Self Service Portal to view your To Do List.  Instructions for this are located at this webpage


Please complete the personal information request form by clicking here and submit it online by July 9, 2021. We must receive this form online BEFORE we can begin processing your enrollment. 

E-mail accounts– you will be given an e-mail account with LSUHSC after we receive your Personal Information form online.   Information to activate your account will be emailed to your email account you provide on this form so please check your personal account regularly.  The subject of the email will be LSUHSC email account activation instructions so please watch for this in case it does go to your spam/junk folder.  It is your student responsibility to check this account regularly.  Once activated, all school communication will be sent to the LSUHSC email account. If you do not receive an email activation from our office after checking your spam/junk folder, please contact our office. 


Our campus shares the Student Information system with LSU Health New Orleans known as PeopleSoft.  This portal can be accessed at  

Students will receive access to this system after the Personal Information Request form is submitted and LSUHSC email credentials are then activated by the user.  You will use your user id and email password you create to then log onto the LSU Health New Orleans remote access portal then you will choose the Academic Self Service link to log onto with the same user id and email password you created.  


All students must complete a student validation process which requires each student to review the bio/demographic information that was entered into PeopleSoft from your application.  Please note that if any area is incorrect please submit to our office via email the needed corrections; if this is an area that cannot be self-corrected. When reviewing your prior education institutions, make sure you carefully see each college is listed.  (If you cannot view this area currently, please skip and continue with the task.) If the conferral degree date differs from your transcript, then please note we will update this section once the transcript has been received in our office.  Continue with the validation process and it is not necessary to contact our office! 

To complete this process, go to this site, log onto the portal and click on the link in your ToDo list under the Student Center tab.  Once the task is successfully completed, it will be removed from your ToDo list and the block is removed from your profile.  More information for this requirement can be found at this link.  Remember, this task must be completed BEFORE we can enroll you in courses for the term you are entering.


Most administrative business at LSU Health Shreveport is conducted by electronic methods (i.e. email, self-service portal). You must provide your consent by completing the LSU Health Shreveport Student Administration Electronic Consent Form in order to conduct business electronically with LSU Health Shreveport. Please visit this webpage to download the form and submit it to our office. It is imperative you read this section carefully!

STEP 3: STUDENT IMMUNIZATION FORM (requires your immediate attention)

Student Immunization Form –We are now using Certiphi Screening for submission of required immunizations and test using the MyRecordTracker portal.    Before you begin this process, you must review the required immunizations and tests listed here  A 2-step PPD requires two separate tests taken and read at different intervals typically within 3 months. Also, if you have to repeat the Hepatitis B series due to a negative titer, please make sure documentation is provided for the repeat initial dose in order for it to be approved. For detailed information on how to use this portal, please click here for the user guide.  Also, if your immunization records are under a different name, you will be required to provide documentation of your current name in order for your records to be approved!

You will receive access to this portal AFTER we receive your Personal Information form. Then, you will receive a welcome email from MyRecordTracker giving details on setting up your login.  If you have trouble creating your profile, please call their customer service number.  There is no charge for the student to use this portal for uploading your health information.  All required health information must be submitted through the MyRecordTracker portal and is reviewed by their medical review team.  Do not submit immunization information directly to our office or through the secure upload form link! Please note that this must be completed before you are eligible to enroll at our school and be cleared for admission.  Please pay attention to this NOW and not later!  It takes time to gather this information. Some vaccinations require two doses that are a month apart so please review this form now!  If you do not have a personal physician, there are some urgent care clinics that may provide initial pre-employment screenings.  Some students also use their college’s student health center.   Deadline to upload all required health documentation to the MyRecordTracker portal is July 23, 2021! Do not wait until you have all immunizations to upload them to myRecordTracker portal!  Each immunization requirement is approved and updated individually.  We do not have a form to provide to a physician.  If you cannot locate your immunization records, you may have to obtain titers to determine your immunity for each section for compliance.   


Drug Screening Form - Please click here to download a consent form that you must sign and return to our office by July 2, 2021.  The consent form for the drug screening must be returned to our office before you will receive the email notification from Certiphi Screening in which will direct you details on how to make an appointment for the drug screening. Please note you only have 14 business days from the date you submit your consent to Certiphi to have the drug testing completed.  If you fail to make your appointment, it will appear as a "no show". It is your responsibility to have this done in a timely manner! There is no charge on your behalf to have this completed!  Consent forms must be submitted to our office by July 2, 2021Drug Screenings and results must be completed and received by July 23, 2021! 

Federal Healthcare Eligibility Form – Please complete the form entitled “Federal Healthcare Program Eligibility Information” and return it to our office by July 2, 2021.  This form is included in the link listed in the Drug Screening form section above. The basis for the completion of this form is to determine if any individual has been charged with fraud regarding Medicare or Medicaid.  Everyone must submit this form regardless if this doesn’t pertain to you!


Please have your school(s) send to the Office of the Registrar official transcripts from each higher ed institution you have attended or currently attending (this includes all undergraduate and possibly graduate level coursework). This also includes any college credit you took while enrolled in high school (dual enrollment)!  If you are currently enrolled in school this Spring or Summer semester, request that the transcript be sent AFTER the posting of your grades or degree.  The Office of the Registrar can receive official transcripts via e-script if your university wants to send them electronically.  All official transcripts must be received in the Office of Registrar by July 23, 2021. You may view the status of any transcript via the Student Self Service portal.  Please click on this link to view job aids specifically the Viewing Admission Information for instructions on how to view your external education.


Selective Service Compliance (For Men Only): Verify your registration at and print out this page along with returning the Certification form.  This information by July 23, 2021.  

STEP 7: BACKGROUND CHECK (Due by July 23, 2021)

All accepted students should have placed a background check order through AMCAS when notified of your acceptance.  Since our office does not have access to this information and as required for admission to our institution; please save a pdf copy of your background check you receive and upload it through the Upload Link found at the top of this webpage.  Do not email it to us!  


Financial Aid –  Information regarding financial aid is available on their website.   Their hours are 8:30 – 5:00 M-F and their office is located on the 4th floor of the Administration Building (take the front elevator to the 4th floor and turn right; office is located on the left end of the hallway.)  If you have any questions please contact them at 318.675.5561. Our school code is TITLE IV SCHOOL CODE (For FAFSA and Loan Application Use): 00806700. 


Tuition and fees – Enrollment in courses is done automatically by the Registrar's office since you are in a structured curriculum.  For those that have provided the Electronic Consent form, you will receive a detailed invoice via your LSUHSC email account outlining your charges for the Fall 2021 term. If you did not provide an electronic consent form, you will receive an invoice via postal mail. All Fall semester tuition and fees are due by August 2, 2021.  All information regarding tuition invoices and financial aid communication will be accessible in Student Self-Service.  


Academic calendar – the academic calendar is located on the Registrar’s webpage, please note that dates are subject to change.   


Please visit the following webpage for more information on Veterans Affairs


All requests for name changes must be supplied with supporting documentation i.e. marriage license, divorce decree, social security card, etc.  along with the Name Change Request form found on our website. 


Please refer to this website regarding the school’s student health insurance requirement. Premium rates for the 2021-2022 plan will be made available in early August along with details of the new policy.  There is no action required of you prior to enrollment.  Please watch for an official email from the Registrar about the process coming in early August!  This is just notification of this requirement at this time!


If you ever need proof of your enrollment, you may email us requesting a verification; however, if you need something verifying your acceptance, please contact us for this verification.  Please note that we cannot provide enrollment verification until August 2, 2021!  


Information regarding scrubs may be available from the LSU Health Shreveport Bookstore. 


Please note that all students are assigned a provisional admission status.  Once our office has received all required documents and have been cleared by respective departments, the student’s admission is then changed to clear for admission. The reason a student may not be cleared for admission includes:

  • All official transcripts from previous colleges have not been received.
  • Immunization form has not been cleared by Certiphi Screening
  • Drug screening results have not been cleared by Certiphi Screening
  • Clearance of Federal Healthcare Eligibility form by compliance officer  
  • Receipt of other pre-matriculation forms included in this packet

Please log on to the Student Self Service portal to view your checklist to see when items have been received.  If you have any questions regarding the pre-matriculation process, please feel free to email or contact us at or 318.675.5205.