J. Steven Alexander, PhD

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Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology
Areas of Specialty
Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease

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Dr. J. Steven Alexander, PhD is a professor in Molecular & Cellular Physiology works in the field of cardiovascular biology with specialization on the roles of endothelial cells and small blood vessels in stroke biology and therapy, transplantation and ischemic injury of the brain, kidneys and heart. These projects have led to the development of important patents for organ transplantation and Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Alexander’s lab is also studying the mechanisms through which placenta derived stem cells can protect against inflammation and ischemic injury and their use in generating synthetic tissues for use in bone, blood vessel and skin grafting. Dr. Alexander participates in the centers for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (CTERM) and holds patents and grant funding related to synthetic organ/organoid biology. Dr. Alexander is also a member of the center for brain health and is member of the Institutional COBRE on sulfide metabolism in cardio- and cerebrovascular disease. He is a past-president and vice-president of the international society for neurovascular disease.