The Annual LSU Health Shreveport HBCU Educational Conference allows participants to hear presentations from LSUHS faculty and students on topics such as what it takes to be ready to apply for medical school and to have a successful application, scholarship opportunities, research internship opportunities, allied health careers, and more, but will layer these discussions with a diversity and adversity lens. Attendees also engage in student-panel discussions that address challenges Black men face when applying for medical school, adapting to the medical school curriculum, and information about the MATCH process and residency.

The three-day conference provides an opportunity for prospective students to engage with representatives of AAMC, LDH, LSUHS faculty and students and learn more about the pathway to become a medical doctor, allied health professional or researcher. Participants tour campus facilities such as the clinical skills, surgical skills, and anatomy/cadaver labs.  

"Culture Diversity in the medical industry is a topic that is not very well discussed and the HBCU Conference did a very good job of explaining why culture diversity is very important. It allows for better patient care because patients would love to relate to their physician on a level that is not medical. I believe that is my biggest takeaway from the HBCU Conference." - Kaylee Nettles, attendee


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