The Office of Diversity Affairs is dedicated to providing equal opportunity and assisting those who have traditionally been on the outside looking in.



As part of a strategy to recruit more students from priority populations, the Offices of Diversity and Academic Affairs at the School of Medicine, School of Allied Health, and the School of Graduate Studies partner to host HBCU Day. This 8-hour workshop creats an opportunity for our administrators, faculty, and staff to engage with students who are enrolled at a 4-year HBCU in Louisiana and discuss the pathway to become a medical doctor, allied health professional or researcher.

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Student Summer Programs

Since 1993, LSU Health Shreveport has taken an active role to improve the science and math background of disadvantaged students by soliciting federal and institutional funds to sponsor summer enrichment programs. To demonstrate its commitment to improve the quality of education for pre-college and college students, LSU Health Shreveport has forged partnership linkages with the Caddo and Bossier Parish School Districts, and the twenty-six colleges/ universities in Louisiana. Each partner in the pipeline provides one or more of the necessary components: students, space, structured enrichment programming, research activities, and funds to ensure that the partnership linkages succeed.
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Annual Meet and Greet

At the start of the academic school year, medical students, faculty, staff, residents, and fellows are invited to attend the annual Meet and Greet. The intended targeted population are minority students. However, all students are invited as a way to demonstrate the medical school’s effort towards embracing diversity and inclusion. The purpose of this event is to provide a space outside of the traditional classroom setting for students to engage with prospective mentors, advisors, and peer-to-peer tutors. The expected outcome of the annual event is for students to build and foster positive relationships, and to feel they are a part of the LSU Health Shreveport medical and teaching communities. Creating a sense of belonging could enhance student learning. 
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Pre-matriculation Enrichment Program (PEP)

Acclimating into medical school can be a difficult process, but the Pre-Matriculation Enrichment Program (PEP) has made the process easier. This program provided me with the opportunity to experience what a bulk of the first semester in medical school consists of. I learned how to do cadaveric dissections and study for exams. In addition, I began to discover how to maintain a healthy balance between my education and personal life. After completing PEP, I felt confident in my ability to be a successful medical student." Breonna



Attending the Virtual Chats opened my eyes to barriers between cultures and their direct effect on health care, leading to the disparities in care we see today. With this knowledge I hope to maintain a culturally sensitive attitude to better serve my future patient and accommodate their needs. These skills also carry into a work setting so that I can successfully communicate with my colleagues in a comfortable environment. " Sydney



Virtual chats allow students to have a safe space to discuss pertinent topics regarding diversity, inclusion, equality, and navigating spaces in the medical atmosphere. These sessions provide cultural competency situations that may apply to our future practice as health care professionals. By participating in the virtual chats, you can open a dialogue on a multitude of topics and hear experiences from an interdisciplinary approach. The discussions foster cultural awareness and promote better communication. It is an opportunity to build and use cultural humility to improve implicit biases and cultivate a comfortable environment for future patients." Tanisha



LSU Health Shreveport’s Educational Familiarization Program played an instrumental role in my preparation for the MCAT. In anticipation of my second attempt at taking the MCAT, I was most adamant about improving my time management skills to have an effective study schedule. This program offered the guidance and structure necessary for me to develop my study schedule and to appropriate my time and Kaplan resources efficiently to the MCAT topics I needed the most help on. I was initially concerned about the program's 6-week period in regard to my ability to increase my MCAT score within that time. However, due to the various courses, videos, practice problems, and private tutoring offered, I had ample and comprehensive support. By the end of the program, I was able to raise my MCAT score by 5 points as well as my confidence in applying to medical school with my new score." Taylor

Lauryn Henderson

UGRAP - Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship

"Prior to participating in the LSU Health Shreveport Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (UGRAP), my only exposure to research has been through school science fairs. My placement in the Psychiatry department was perfect and has solidified my interest in the field and broaden my horizons to endless possibilities. I want to say thank you to the LSU Health Shreveport Office of Diversity Affairs for an amazing summer." Lauryn

Meet Our Team

Toni Thibeaux, EdD, MPH, CIS

Toni Thibeaux, EdD, MPH, CIS

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity Affairs
Gwendolyn R. Miller, MA, MBA

Gwendolyn R. Miller, MA, MBA

Project Manager for Diversity Affairs
Sirlecia Thomas-Lias

Sirlecia Thomas-Lias

Project Coordinator for Diversity Affairs


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