The Standardized Patient Lab provides current and future healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn, practice, and enhance their communication and diagnostic skills in a simulated clinical setting.  From medical students to residents, and from allied health students to nurses, the Standardized Patient Lab is used by a variety of learners from a wide range of medical specialties.  

Standardized Patients are individuals trained to act as "patients" in a variety of clinical scenarios. Through extensive training, our standardized patients are able to realistically portray the personality, emotional status, history, and physical exam findings of a patient with a specific medical complaint.  Learners are then able to interact and engage with these "patients" in a range of simulated clinical encounters.  These simulated encounters enable our students to practice and refine those skills necessary to diagnose and treat real patients.  

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For more information about how you might use the Standardized Patient Lab or becoming a Standardized Patient, please contact
Stacy Lee, MHA

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