Our Mission is to promote the health and wellness of LSU Health Shreveport through education and efforts that encourage habits of wellness, inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health, and support a sense of community in which health and overall well-being is recognized as an essential element of success.

Emotional, social, workplace and physical well-being are critical to the development and maintenance of competent, caring students, faculty and healthcare providers. In the current health care environment, students, residents, fellows, faculty members and staff are at increased risk for burnout and depression. Self-care is an important component that impacts qualify of life and work. It is also a skill that must be cultivated and developed.

Marie Vazquez Morgan, PT, PhD

Marie Vazquez Morgan, PT, PhD

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Wellness, Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy


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Looking for a speaker to provide wellness tips or to address the importance of wellness? 
Or are you looking for insight into a specific area of wellness such as diet, exercise, sleep, etc.? 
Look no further, as the Office of Institutional Wellness at LSU Health Shreveport has a variety of wellness speakers available. Our speakers include specialists in the areas of overall health, wellness, brain health, physical therapy, neurology, psychiatry, research, medicine and more!

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Wellness includes the following dimensions:

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Physical: The physical dimension recognizes the need for regular physical activity and encourages learning about nutrition while discouraging the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

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Emotional: The ability to find support in time of need, express a wide range of emotions and deal with daily stressors.

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Social: Community building premised on shared values of respect and dignity, volunteerism and caring valued as part of the workplace.

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Financial: The ability to plan for the future, be prepared for emergencies, and have access to the information and tools necessary to make good financial decisions.

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Workplace: The ability to pursue interests, values, and purpose in order to gain meaning, happiness and enrichment professionally.

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Digital: The pursuit of an intentional and healthy relationship with technology, both in the workplace and in personal life. 


Center for Medical Education - Wellness Spaces

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Our recently opened Center for Medical Education provides a vital and needed wellness journey that connects mind, body and nature. The multi-floor design includes areas for individual and group fitness, meditation, counseling, nutrition and group assemblies. Located primarily on the first floor but covering 21,500 square feet in total, the facilities are accessible to all students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty.

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