Our Alumni

The majority of our alumni go on to pursue fellowships in subspecialties at notable institutions around the country. Below is a listing of our alumni since 2010 and where they went after residency.

Class of 2023    
Reed Gilbow Neuroradiology University of Virginia
Kiran Malikayil Body Imaging MD Anderson
Greg Tobin MSK  LSU New Orleans
Ahmed Mamilly IR-Integrated LSU Health Shreveport
Class of 2022    
Silvia Barbeito Neuroradiology University of Virginia
Atefeh Geimadi Neuroradiology University of Washington
Hunter Vanderberg MSK  Vulcan Imaging Associates, Birmingham, AL
Class of 2021    
Laura Gregorio Body Imaging Johns Hopkins
Nour Nakrour Abdominal Imaging Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital
Brad Nowack Interventional Radiology University of Miami
Bhavna Paryani Women's Imaging Georgetown
Class of 2020    
Aaron Bogart Interventional Radiology University of Vermont
Hunter Christy MSK Vulcan Imaging Associates, Birmingham, AL
John Garrett Neuroradiology University of Virginia
Abhishek Haritha Body & Breast Imaging Georgetown
Class of 2019    
Aya Al Asfari Faculty LSU Health Shreveport
Daniel Adams Private Practice Gulfport, MS
Luis De Alba Neuroradiology University of Texas at Houston
Carson Kisner Interventional Radiology Johns Hopkins
Class of 2018    
Ibrahim Alshahrouri MRI Virginia Commonwealth University
Peeyush Bhargava Body Imaging MD Anderson
Jared Garrett Interventional Radiology University of Utah
Oluwayemisi Ojemakinde Faculty LSU Health Shreveport

Class of 2017

Tom Alexander Breast Imaging Memorial Sloan Kettering
Simon Long Interventional Radiology UT Southwestern
Sana Naeem Neuroradiology Cleveland Clinic
Robby Rahim Cardiothoracic University of Houston
Class of 2016    
Colter Gates Abdominal Imaging University of Colorado-Denver
Hussein Poonawala Interventional Radiology Brigham & Women's Hospital
Justin Skweres MSK UT Southwestern
Class of 2015    
Kevin Cormier Pediatric Radiology Children's Mercy Hospital
Stacey Massey Breast Imaging LSU Health Shreveport
Justin Owens Private Practice Lafayette, LA
David Wallace MRI University of California-San Diego
Class of 2014    
Jessica Caraway Interventional Radiology University of Alabama-Birmingham
Thretha Reddy Breast Imaging Houston Methodist
Aaron Woodward Private Practice Rogers, AR
Class of 2013    
Julie Babb Private Practice Fort Myers, FL
Mathieu Nader Interventional Radiology University of Alabama-Birmingham
Daniel Do Interventional Radiology Medical University of South Carolina
Class of 2012    
Ben Henderson Interventional Radiology Medical University of South Carolina
Anthony Junck MSK University of California-Davis
Amy Rowell Pediatric Radiology Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Bryan Rau Private Practice Houma, LA
Class of 2011    
Ginger Black Body Imaging Baylor University
Ajay Ravi

(1) Body Imaging

(2) IR

Johns Hopkins

University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston

Kelly Roberts Breast & Body Imaging Memorial Sloan Kettering
Britt Sommerville Body Imaging University of Southern California
Class of 2010    
Jeremy Laborde Body MRI Northwestern University
Satheavy Moore Breast Imaging Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Adam Sciuk Body MRI University of Wisconsin

Class of 2016 graduates: Husein Poonawala, Colter Gates, Stacey Massey, and Justin Skweres.

Class of 2017 graduates: Simon Long, Tom Alexander, Sana Naeem, and Robby Rahim.

2018 Graduation & Academic Year Celebration

2018 LSURAD Alumni Reunion: Aaron Woodward ('14), Justin Skweres ('16), our Chairman, Dr. Horacio D'Agostino, Tom Gates ('93), Linda Nall ('77), John Braud ('07), Colter Gates ('16), Manoj Ketkar ('07), and Ramin Zamani ('04).

2021 Graduation Celebration: Chairman, Dr. Cuellar with graduates Bhavna Paryani, Brad Nowack, Nour Nakrour, and Laura Gregorio, and IR/DR Program Director, Dr. Chaitanya Ahuja

2020 Graduation Celebration: Chairman, Dr. Cuellar, with graduates Aaron Bogart, John Garrett, Hunter Christy, and Abhishek Haritha

2022 Graduates: Hunter Vanderberg and Silvia Barbeito

2021 Graduates: Bhavna Paryani, Brad Nowack, Laura Gregorio, and Nour Nakrour

Our Alumni

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