We offer a 1-year fellowship dedicated to the performance of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of the tracheobronchial tree and the pleural space.  Trainees are exposed to a range of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic airway procedures, medical pleural procedures, and, in coordination with CT Surgery, thoracoscopy.  We accept 1 trainee each year; eligible applicants will have completed their fellowship in Pulmonary Disease.  The fellowship is funded by the hospital, and the trainees will spend the year focused on developing their skills in Interventional Pulmonology.  


Fellowship Program Director
Robert Walter, MD
Email: rwalt1@lsuhsc.edu


Fellowship Program Coordinator
Ashley Wilson
Email: awil41@lsuhsc.edu


Section Administrator
Vicki Gallagher
Email: vjohn1@lsuhsc.edu


Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship