Pediatricians spend a significant amount of time counseling patients and parents how to live healthier lives. Becoming a pediatrician means grappling with difficult issues with children and their families and our program is committed to our residents' personal and professional wellness during your development as pediatricians.

Physical health is the cornerstone of wellness. Our institution offers an on-campus gym that is available exclusively to residents and fellows. Off-campus there are a few local gyms that offer discounts to LSU Health Shreveport employees.  Residents are encouraged to participate in one of the Meal Plan options provided by the institution.  The institution also provides a Resident Lounge, which allows a quiet place for residents to relax during their hectic schedules.  We try to take care of your physical needs so you can focus your efforts on learning and caring for your patients.


 Crystal Morton, MEd           Program Coordinator

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Several times throughout your residency, you will have opportunities to come together with your colleagues to reflect on your personal and professional development. Our department offers two specialized retreats to help with your professional development.


Graduate Retreat

In the fall of your PGY-3 year of training, you will gather and discuss transitioning into the “real world”.  Local practicing pediatricians and alumni are also on hand to answer questions regarding life in private practice.

Intern Retreat

Transitioning to an upper level brings on a new set of accountability. At this off-campus retreat, interns learn about the expectations and responsibilities required of them.  Program Administration leads this half-day learning workshop, and helps the interns ease into their new role knowing they are equipped with the knowledge they need and supported by their programs.

Our residents often describe the feeling they have for each other as "family."  Our residents are particularly close, and being such, coordinate social activities across classes.  The Pediatrics Social Club has been a much-welcomed organization in our program. Comprised of Pediatrics and Med/Peds residents, there are monthly on-campus and off-campus events scheduled for every resident to attend, such as Family Dinner held at a different local eatery each month. There are a few annual events that faculty attend as well, such as the annual Holiday Party, the Farewell Fiesta, and Peds Night at the Revel, which we also encourage friends and family to attend. 

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