PhD in Pathology and Translational Pathobiology


What is the process for choosing a doctoral dissertation research project?

A major aspect of graduate training is the completion of a dissertation research project. 

  1. Students will spend the first year choosing a research laboratory and mentor with whom to perform the dissertation research.  Once a mentor is chosen, research in the mentors laboratory will work toward establishing the proposed research project.  Students and their mentors will develop a Research Advisory Committee that will serve to facilitate project development, enhance student mentoring, and evaluate student progress. 
  2. At the end of year 2, students will be expected to pass a Qualifying Exam determining their mastery of the core curriculum and a Preliminary Exam that evaluates their research proposal.  After this is complete, students are considered doctoral candidates. 
  3. Students are also expected to submit their research proposal for funding both at the intramural and extramural level. 
  4. After the didactic coursework in the first two years, students will continue research training during the remainder of their time in graduate school through the participation in journal clubs and seminars. 
  5. Once the Research Advisory Committee has deemed that the student has produced a sufficient body of research to warrant a doctorate in Pathology and Translational Pathobiology, the student will complete a doctoral dissertation and defend the document in both a Private Defense with the Research Advisory Committee and a Public Defense with the local scientific community.

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