LSU Health Shreveport provides exceptional pathology resources to physicians and their patients. Our highly consultative service is designed to provide you with robust decision-making diagnostic information. Our multi-specialty approach provides you with the resources needed for even the most complex cases. 

Our pathologists take great pride in meeting your individual consultation needs by providing direct interaction with you and/or the referring physician. Sign out conferences are held daily to ensure that multiple Board Certified Pathologists and PhDs collectively discern the findings, achieve a consensus on the diagnosis, and/or assess the need for additional testing when appropriate. We also recognize the urgency in treatment required on many cases which is why we offer preliminary notifications as available and when requested as well as 24 hour coverage. 

Our Anatomic and Clinical Laboratories are CAP, AABB, FDA, and JCAHO accredited with all technical personnel being appropriately licensed both at the national and state level. Additionally, many technical personnel also possess a specialist license in their area of expertise. Our technical staff is trained in handling all accounts, regardless of size, in an individualized manner to insure that customer specifications are continuously achieved.

We at LSU Health Shreveport Pathology Outreach Services believe that our highest priority is customer satisfaction and the development of lasting relationships built on trust and friendship. Each request is processed like it belongs to one of our own family members with our philosophy being “nothing but our very best is acceptable”.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please call or e-mail us. We continuously expand our test menu, so don’t hesitate to inquire about a test not listed on our website. We look forward to working with you to provide your customers with the highest quality, personalized service available in pathology outreach and to developing a lasting relationship built on professionalism, trust, and friendship.


Our renal pathology service provides next-day diagnostic results. We provide light, immunofluorescence and electron microcopy results to provide you with optimal decision-making diagnostic support.

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The services provide the highest quality diagnostic service through timely, accurate diagnoses and personalized direct communication between our specialized renal pathologist and the referring nephrologist or pathologist.

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Consultations and Testing Services

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Pathology Outreach Account Managers

Our team consists of several account representatives that serve your area. Please contact our business office if interested in our services so we can immediately connect the appropriate account representative to work directly with you in answering your questions.  (318) 675-5869

Sally Barre, RN, BSN

Business Development Manager Pathology & Laboratory Services

Sally Barre, RN, BSN

Sally earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Science at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY and  did a Nursing Surgical Internship at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. She had a prominent publication titled, “Emotional Effects of Crohns Disease, featured in Nursing Magazine.

Prior to joining LSU Health Shreveport, Sally has been marketing clinical laboratory testing, anatomic pathology and specialty lab testing for almost 30 years. She is a President’s Circle Awards recipient from both Quest Diagnostics and Bostwick Laboratories. She has held both Sales and Management positions throughout her career. Sally joined LSU Health Shreveport‘s academic caliber outreach laboratory team almost 8 years ago where she has been integral part of its tremendous growth & marketing development & managing prestigious health systems all over the country. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and has two adult daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family & friends including their beloved pet -therapy Shetland Sheepdog, Austin. Also spends free time traveling, skiing, golfing, bicycling, keeping active and listening to music.

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Julia Williams
Julia E. Williams

Business Development Manager Pathology & Laboratory Services

Julia E. Williams

Julia has a unique background within healthcare spanning almost 25 years. She started her career working directly with an immunologist and continued her work gaining experience within home health, rehabilitation therapy services, skilled nursing facilities and contract nursing.

Over the last seventeen years, Julia has worked as a consultant, specializing within cancer and research. Her range of work includes; oncology services (to include all sub-specialties), clinical/translational/basic research, faculty recruitment, population health, precision medicine, pathology, cell therapy, ambulatory operations, physician practice management to include JV’s, system strategy, leadership and executive network development.

Julia is an active member of several professional healthcare associations and sits on multiple committees related to education, development, and planning. She has served as an advisor within academia, NCI Designated Cancer Centers, Research Institutes and to CEO’s within the biotech & medical device industries. As a cancer survivor herself, she has a deep passion for our work in community outreach and anatomical pathology.

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