Hematology Pathology

Hematology studies the blood and blood-forming tissues to evaluate presence of disease and assist in therapeutic interventions as clinically indicated. LSU Health Shreveport has highly qualified technical staff to assist you with any question in this area.

Hematology Procedures can include, but are not limited to:

  • Hematology Sample Processing
  • Hematology Research Services
  • Hematology Automated Testing
  • Microscopic Cellular Analysis
  • Body Fluid Analysis
  • Specialized Stains
  • Technical Expert / Pathologist Supervision
James Cotelingam, MD

James Cotelingam, MD

Gratis Professor of Pathology and Translational Pathobiology
Diana Veillon, MD

Diana Veillon, MD

Professor of Pathology and Translational Pathobiology, Residency Program Director