The faculty, Eye Clinic facilities and Basic Science laboratories of the Department of Ophthalmology, Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, are dedicated to patient care, clinical and basic research. The research faculty of the Ophthalmology Department emphasizes the central role that evidence-based research plays in promoting knowledge-based medicine and good-medical practice. Current research efforts in the Ophthalmology sub-specialties areas are multi-focal, but all seek to understand the molecular mechanisms in ocular disease pathogenesis and the therapeutic potential and shortfalls of established and experimental treatments.


The identification and molecular characterization of natural host defenses against viral and bacterial infection are basic to the development of efficacious chemotherapies as well as for the development of vaccine and immuno-modulatory prophylactic strategies. The research goals are to understand the interplay of natural host defenses and identify effective treatments against non-infectious and infectious diseases of the eye. Additional research efforts focus on the identification of reliable biomarkers of ocular inflammation and oxidative stress. The ultimate lab goal is to provide a rich learning environment for student and faculty research.


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