Ophthalmology Interest Group

Faculty Liaison

The Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG) at LSU Health Shreveport aims to serve as a resource for medical students interested in pursuing a career in Ophthalmology. OIG meets quarterly each year and has been formed to:

  • Stimulate medical students' interest in the field of Ophthalmology
  • Facilitate clinical and research opportunities in Ophthalmology for medical students by promoting communication between members and faculty
  • Provide guidance to students interested in pursuing a career in Ophthalmology
  • Provide Ophthalmology related volunteer opportunities for students
  • To organize and make available a variety of resources regarding the residency selection process, and to provide students with advice on how to accomplish their goal of becoming an Ophthalmologist

(Pictured above - L to R: Nicole Sanders, Brad Scofield, Christian Karam, Blaine Bullock, Sachin Prem, Jacob Ardoin, Lauren Rando, Cole Wilson)

"The practice of ophthalmology can be one of the most satisfying medical professions. This is due in large part to the broad scope of ophthalmic practice, which includes medicine and surgery, treatment of pediatric and adult patients and provision of primary care as well as highly specialized treatment. Also, because of the nature and wide prevalence of eye problems, the patient's relationship with an ophthalmologist continues over many years, often throughout the patient's life.

As a result of a number of scientific and technological advances, ophthalmology offers possibilities for diagnostic and therapeutic precision that are unavailable in many other medical and surgical specialties. These advances have resulted in the development of a number of subspecialties, and provide the ophthalmologist with a wide range of clinical and research opportunities."
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Office Contacts

General Questions
Kendra Ladell, BA
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (318) 675-5010
Email: Kendra.Ladell@lsuhs.edu 

Residency Questions
Laura Mims
Residency Coordinator
Phone: (318) 626-4107
Email: Laura.Mims@lsuhs.edu

Opthalmology Interest Group members photo

Ophthalmology Interest Group