Interns receive 15 days of vacation and residents receive 20 days of vacation per year.
Interns and residents receive 10 sick days per year.


Level Annual
H.O. I $55,972.50
H.O. II $57,849.30
H.O. III $59,828.10
H.O. IV $62,135.34

Meal Plan

1 of 3 food plan options may be selected, and the plan remains in effect for 1 contract year. Plans can’t be changed until the time of renewal. Interns and residents may also choose to opt out of the meal plan. 

Allowance per month for food Amount deducted from each pay period (biweekly)
$125 $9.25
$200 $18.50
$250 $23.00

Health Insurance

There are a variety of health care insurance coverage benefit options for employees. House officers may purchase health insurance as part of the benefits package. The state of Louisiana pays a portion of your medical insurance premium. Dental, vision, and life insurance are also available for purchase. Learn more here: (link to Benefits Section of Human Resources)

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is paid for by the state of Louisiana.

Salary & Benefits

Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency