Here in Shreveport, we take resident wellness very seriously! We organize wellness events for our residents at least monthly.

Below, you’ll find just a few examples (with pictures, of course) of our wellness activities.

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Annual Retreat

Our annual retreat is one of the highlights of the year. We usually start off with lunch, either catered or at a restaurant. Lunch is followed by some type of group activity and a scavenger hunt. Examples of group activities that we’ve done in the past include aerial yoga, kickball, rock climbing, and trampolining. However, the scavenger hunt is probably the most fun and most anticipated event of the year. The residents are divided into 3-4 teams for the scavenger hunt. They are given various tasks that they have to complete, and they document completion of those tasks with photos or videos. Each task is worth a set number of points. Bonus points can be earned as well. The points are tallied, and at our annual graduation party, the winning team is announced and given the coveted “Top Banana Award”.



Wellness Didactics

We have a wellness activity for the residents during didactics on the last Thursday of every month. Highlights below show residents grouped up with their class for a little team building and competition. They played matching games to sharpen their minds and Connect Four Shots and Ping Pong Challenge. The 3rd years won the most games, but everyone was a winner in the amount of fun had by all.

Farewelcome Dinner

Our annual farewelcome dinner is a chance to celebrate and say goodbye to our graduates while welcoming our new interns. There is always food, fun, and awards. The coveted "Top Banana Award" is given out at this event. 

Crossover Wellness Events

We have held wellness events with other residency programs in the past in order to develop and foster relationships with residents that we may not interact with as much as we would like. Below are some of the activities that have been done in the past:

  • Painting with a Twist with Pediatrics
  • Grape Picking with Internal Medicine
  • Glass Blowing with Ophthalmology
  • Crawfish Boils
  • Paintball

Switch Parties

To celebrate our interns’ first switch in October as well as the switch in the spring, we have previously held switch parties. In the past, we have had dinner at restaurants, celebrated Halloween, rock n roll jousted, held a murder mystery dinner, and sang karaoke. 

Annual Holiday Party

We celebrate the holidays annually. Our gathering features food, fun, and games! There is always our legendary white elephant gift exchange. The dress code varies but has included tacky sweaters and pajamas in the past.


Every February, we loosen up, have a little fun and really focus on wellness! Faculty and residents draw names out of a hat and get a “Febtober Friend”. Each week during February, an individual gets their Febtober friend some token or gift. At the end of the month, we reveal our friends during a lunch gathering. We also participate in some type of service activity.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate! We often celebrate with cookie cake but have also been known to celebrate with ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, petit fours, and party hats!

Resident Wellness

Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency

Resident Wellness

Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency

Resident Wellness

Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency