Since our first residents began training in 1992, our program has strived to train well-rounded, competent, and compassionate physicians who will be prepared for whatever career path that they choose. Our program emphasizes excellence in didactics and clinical knowledge but also places a strong emphasis on resident well-being in a positive, caring, and inclusive culture. 

During these unprecedented times, it is especially important to provide support and encouragement to our residents whether that be in the form of a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a late-night ice cream delivery, or tacos just because. We are family, and that is what truly makes this program so special. Please browse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions! 


What does the future hold for our Med-Peds Residency?

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Our mission is to train competent and compassionate physicians capable of independently providing empathic care for all patients from birth until death in an atmosphere optimized for learning and innovating. We seek to train physicians from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and agents of change in whatever setting they choose for their career. Faculty are actively involved as teachers, role model clinicians, scholars, advisers and mentors who are committed to helping trainees identify the niches of medicine in which they will be most successful and satisfied.

  1. To train competent and compassionate physicians that are capable of independently providing empathic care for all patients from birth until death.
  2. To train physicians in a caring and collegial environment who are capable of succeeding in multiple career paths including primary care or a subspecialty in medicine or pediatrics.



Welcome to the LSU Health Med-Peds program website! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share some information about our program!

We enjoy exemplary training here at LSU Health Shreveport. From the diversity of patients to the incredible teaching staff, we have a program that allows one to reach the full potential of a Med-Peds physician. We work in the only Level One Trauma Center of our tri-state region and are involved in almost every aspect of care for both our adult and pediatric patients. Our pediatric rotations take place at a free-standing pediatric hospital with a state of the art NICU and PICU. We are able to work alongside friendly subspecialists who are as gifted at teaching as they are at practicing the art of medicine. Our medicine wards have a sizeable volume of patients with a variety of disease processes that provide continuous learning opportunities such that patient care never becomes monotonous. The supervision provided gives us a perfect blend of independence with patient safety. Our weekly continuity clinic provides the opportunity to build relationships with patients that will leave a lasting impact and will be remembered for a lifetime. Training at our program will help you grow into a confident and compassionate expert in the fields of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Not only does our program give four years of outstanding training, but the location in Shreveport, LA allows for a great place to live while moving through residency. Shreveport has a rich culture and is endowed with a host of restaurants and family friendly entertainment. We are also only hours away from major cities such as Dallas or Houston or even the mountains in Arkansas or Oklahoma; these are great places to spend a free day or a vacation week.

What can’t be overstated is that our Med-Peds program is a close-knit, happy family. We often meet up outside of work for various gatherings, such as our switch parties which occur every three months, to help maintain our sanity and our identity. We have monthly journal club dinners and a yearly retreat where we compete for the “top banana” award.  Our faculty are very conscious of our well-being, which overall helps make residency easier and more fun!

As you look through our website, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like further information. We are excited about our program and would be happy to answer any of your questions!

woman with long black hair and dark complexion wearing a doctor's white coat

Michelle Benjamin, MD
Sr. Chief

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Megan Lear, MD
Jr. Chief

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Lillie Turnbough, MD
Jr. Chief

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Our program will continue to interview candidates from all backgrounds and types of medical schools. We actively recruit trainees from diverse backgrounds. Once an individual joins the program, it is our priority to celebrate their individuality and to educate everyone in recognizing unconscious bias. We have also encouraged all residents to participate in our Diversity Affairs activities and showcase their heritage in our annual Diversity Day. Residents also have required modules in the care of LGBT patients and have clinical training in our primary care clinic in the care of LGBT patients. We have an active campus organization for both residents to provide education in the care of this population as well as to provide a safe space for our residents in the LGBT population. Learn more about our Office of Diversity Affairs.


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