Study Materials

  • Interns are able to use book money to purchase Step 3/COMLEX 3 materials. 
  • For Internal Medicine, book money is used to purchase an ACP membership and the most current MKSAP digital membership.
  • For Pediatrics, book money is used to purchase the MedStudy book series, PREP, and Pediatrics in Review.
  • Yale Curriculum is also utilized by the program throughout the year during our weekly didactic sessions. 
  • Internal Medicine Curriculum by Johns Hopkins (PEAC) is available to residents. Each resident is required to complete 1 module per month for a total of 12 modules per year minimum.
  • We utilize Microsoft Teams to post various information including the didactic schedule, didactic resources, quizzes, etc.

Didactics and Conferences

Didactics are an important part of our residency program especially since most of our residents elect to take both of their board exams immediately following residency. Our didactics evolve from year to year to best suit the current residents in the program. We always encourage resident feedback on how to improve our didactic sessions. 

While on Internal Medicine rotations, our residents are expected to attend the Internal Medicine morning reports and Grand Rounds. Conversely, when our residents are on Pediatric rotations, they are expected to attend the Pediatrics didactics.

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Currently, the Pediatrics didactics consist of daily morning report, noon conferences 2-3 times per week, and Grand Rounds. This academic year, the Pediatrics department has also added 2 block didactic sessions per month. We have a Med-Peds didactic block on Thursday afternoons from 12:00-2:00 PM. Our didactic sessions occur at the same time as the Internal Medicine didactic sessions. These sessions are protected educational time and patient care duties are addressed by the attending during the sessions which allows for better resident attention and participation. During our didactics, a variety of materials are utilized such as Internal Medicine board review videos, Pediatrics board review videos, board review questions, podcasts, review articles, and lectures from faculty members (Internal Medicine, Pediatric, and Med-Peds). The residents on Internal Medicine are able to attend the remainder of Internal Medicine didactics after our sessions. Residents are assigned weekly board review quizzes, and frequently missed questions are discussed during didactics. We try to ensure that our resources cover all of the main learning styles. We also try to incorporate a wellness activity into our didactics at least monthly.

Board Prep

Residents who score below the national average on the In Training Exam (ITE), are required to complete additional board review questions monthly. The program administration also helps residents develop individual learning plans. 

For our 4th year residents, we have helped them design a study schedule from July until they take their board exams. The study schedule is systems-based. Therefore, every month is dedicated to a particular system or two. For example, July’s study topic may be Cardiology and August’s study topics may be Rheumatology and Orthopedics. The residents are encouraged to do board review questions on their own time. Furthermore, the weekly didactics topics are based on the study schedule. The graduating residents have dedicated time for board review courses during the spring of their 4th year. 


Journal Club

We hold monthly journal club, except during interview season. A scholarly article is presented by an upper level resident. This may occur after work at a restaurant or at someone’s home or it may occur during didactics. We alternate between adult and pediatric articles. We have also been known to do an EKG refresher or Pediatric Show and Tell in the past.