Welcome to the LSU Health Shreveport Internal Medicine/Pediatrics division.  Often affectionately called Med/Peds, it is a shortened term for “Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics”. Our doctors are primary care doctors certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and see adults and children of all ages.
The faculty consists of 5 full time Med/Peds doctors and 1 Integrative Medicine specialist board certified in Pediatrics.  

Our mission is  to train competent and compassionate physicians capable of independently providing empathic care for all patients from birth until death in an atmosphere optimized for learning and innovating. We seek to train physicians from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and agents of change in whatever setting they choose for their career. Faculty are actively involved as teachers, role model clinicians, scholars, advisers and mentors who are committed to helping trainees identify the niches of medicine in which they will be most successful and satisfied.


Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Training Program

Internal Medicine is a three year residency program leading to Board Certification in Internal Medicine. Pediatrics is also a three year residency program leading to Board Certification in Pediatrics. Note that while Med-Peds Primary Care training provides comprehensive primary care, it differs both structurally and philosophically from Family Medicine. A physician trained in Med-Peds can care for the newborn to the geriatric patient. Med-Peds prepares a physician well for private practice, academic medicine, hospitalist programs, and fellowships. Med-Peds is a versatile, exciting, and fulfilling career choice that we hope you will consider.


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House staff learn to provide compassionate, respectful, patient-centered, cost-effective, and evidence-based care in a variety of academic and community settings. The primary instructional strategy is experiential learning, which occurs through the residents' meaningful patient care responsibility and graduated autonomy. Through direct observation and feedback from faculty and peers, trainees first learn the fundamentals of patient care. Over time, trainees develop the skills of self-evaluation and reflective practice in order to improve their own skills throughout their career. Graduates are prepared to enter the practice or to pursue fellowship training, either in internal medicine or pediatrics, or in a combined fellowship program.

Med-Peds Fact Sheet

  • More than half of the pediatric residency programs in the US also have Med-Peds programs.
  • Med-Peds residents score identically to categorical residents on both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Boards.
  • Med-Peds residency programs match a higher percentage of US medical students than Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, or Family Practice.
  • Med-Peds has been in existence for 40+ years — it’s as old as Family Practice.
  • Studies show that Med-Peds physicians do continue to practice primary care for both adults and kids.
  • A higher percentage of Med-Peds residents go on to practice primary care than Internal Medicine or Pediatrics residents.
  • More than half of all Med-Peds physicians have some type of academic appointment.
  • Those medical students interested primarily in Med-Peds list Internal Medicine as their most common second choice, followed by Pediatrics and then Family Practice.

Internal Medicine - Pediatrics

Internal Medicine - Pediatrics

Internal Medicine - Pediatrics