The Department of Internal Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine is comprised of 15 Divisions and more than 170 faculty physicians with a wide range of sub-specialties who possess unique clinical, technical and research expertise that are dedicated to the compassionate delivery of health care. The Department of Internal Medicine has a three-pronged mission of education, patient care and research which will allow us to train and attract doctors of the highest standards to provide high quality, compassionate and innovative care to the patients in our clinics and hospitals. A goal of the Department of Internal Medicine is to be the preferred academic provider for medical care in Louisiana and the region.

Collaborations with the entire health care provider team will facilitate our delivery of compassionate care from preventive and outpatient episodic medical care through acute care to palliative therapy based upon the individual patient’s unique needs. Multidisciplinary teams from our Medicine divisions, representing diverse skills and backgrounds, will interact across our practice to provide comprehensive, high value, evidence-based, patient-centered treatments that will impact urban and rural communities in the region and nation.

Building upon the Vision of the LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine, the Department of Internal Medicine and its individual Divisions will also focus on Missions of LSU Health Shreveport by enhancing how we improve and sustain health in the lives of those we impact by:

  • Redesigning the academic model for optimizing inter-professional service delivery and integration of care into the community
  • Improving health in our community and region by developing systems of care in an Academic/Private partnership that provide state of the art care to all
  • Educating the future physicians and teaching faculty who will transform health care
  • Evolving new models of personally-centered, broadly inclusive multidisciplinary care that rewards access, value and outcomes
  • Advancing innovation from discovery and translation to impacting clinical outcomes for those we serve
  • Enhancing the lives of our own faculty and staff by providing a workplace which encourages personal and professional development and success, celebrates diversity and rewards the contributions of each member


The Mission of the LSU Health Shreveport Department of Internal Medicine is to develop and mentor compassionate and competent physicians in a diverse and supportive culture that fosters the growth and interests of the individual while maintaining  a focus on education and service to the community. 


Learn more about each of the divisions and our training programs:


LSU Health Shreveport's Internal Medicine Residency program offers the ideal balance of rigorous clinical training and extensive didactic teaching, with an emphasis on humanism and professionalism. Our Department of Medicine sponsors fully accredited Internal Medicine residency training in both categorical and preliminary medicine. We also offer a wide range of fellowship training across all the medicine subspecialties. Feel free to contact us for any further information or questions.

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Louisiana State University Health Shreveport (LSUHS) strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture that supports equity, acceptance, and respect for the differences in others. The institution is committed to achieving excellence in fulfilling its mission by utilizing the rich talents of individuals who contribute different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to the work and learning environment and who reflect the varied populations of Louisiana. As such, the institution adopts a definition of diversity that embraces a broad spectrum of human expression and characteristics that include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, social and cultural attributes, abilities, sexual orientation, religion, rural or metropolitan background, military or veteran status, and age. In addition, diversity also includes life experiences, record of service, and other talents and personal attributes that enhance the work and learning atmosphere. LSUHS is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse community through the recruitment, enrollment, hiring, and retention/graduation of students, faculty, staff, and leadership who meet this definition of diversity.


Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

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