The Family Medicine Residency Program at LSU Health Shreveport is a university based program that incorporates community affiliated training. We boast several nationally known family medicine teachers on our faculty and have produced many graduates who practice in every type of setting. Our outstanding faculty has varied interests, which allows residents to participate in several areas of special interest, such as sports medicine, health promotion, rural medicine, and geriatrics.


About the Residency

Our primary goal is to produce family physicians who are competent in traditional, technical, and psycho-social aspects of family medicine. In addition to the traditional areas of medicine, we emphasize procedural training appropriate for family physicians, to enable them to utilize all of the technology available in modern medicine to serve their patients well. We also train our residents to take care of their patients within the context of the family system. The relationships they develop with individual patients and patient families are emphasized as an important source of information, a valuable therapeutic tool, and a source of a satisfying and enjoyable practice experience. As a graduate of our program, you can expect to become a competent family physician, prepared for a wide range of practice settings, including small towns, larger metropolitan areas, or academic medicine. You can expect to be prepared to meet the challenges of the continuously changing medical practice settings of the future. 

The Family Medicine Residency Program at LSU Health Shreveport, School of Medicine in Shreveport offers all of the advantages of a university based program and also has excellent community based training. This somewhat unusual combination of both university and community rotations allows us to utilize the very best of both settings and is a basic strength of our program. Other strengths include a large, diverse Family Medicine faculty and a superb group of residents who have built a reputation of excellence at LSU Health Shreveport.

Residents work hard during their first year of training at the university hospital, where they care for a high volume of patients in all areas of the medical center. In this setting, they are given ample responsibility and autonomy consistent with all first year residents at LSU Health Shreveport. The combination of a high-volume, hands-on experience and appropriate supervision causes our first year residents to mature and develop into physicians who are capable and ready to accept the challenges and responsibilities of upper level house officers.

During their second and third years, our residents are placed in supervisory roles on the Family Medicine in-patient service. In this setting they help train first year Family Medicine residents, interns from other services, and medical students. Our upper level residents also assist in teaching off-service interns and medical students in the LSU Health Shreveport emergency room and in its busy ambulatory care clinic.

We recognize the importance of emphasizing procedural training in Family Medicine residency education. To this end, we have established a procedural training program, and all of our residents receive basic training in colposcopy, skin procedures, and endoscopy. Interested residents may elect to receive additional training in these procedures, as well as in EGD, colonoscopy, rhinolaryngoscopy, LEEP, vasectomy, obstetric ultrasonography, esthetics, and operative obstetrics. Computerized documentation of experience is utilized, as is in-training credentialing to assist in obtaining privileges after graduation.

Our program encourages its residents to be self-directed, lifelong learners. We welcome resident feedback and suggestions at weekly resident meetings attended by the program director and associate program director. Many improvements in our program have come as a result of listening to our residents' ideas and responding to their needs. Each resident physician is expected to grow personally and professionally during the three-year training period. The program blends basic medical knowledge and procedural and clinical skills with practical behavioral medicine training in a balance appropriate for a busy practicing physician. Residents learn how psychosocial and emotional issues are intertwined with health problems in their patient families. They become proficient in dealing with difficult and challenging patient families, as well as with more straightforward situations.

Because we believe that physicians can best care for others when they also care for themselves, the department encourages residents to take good care of themselves and of their relationships with family and friends. This is sometimes difficult, since both medical training and nurturing personal growth and relationships take considerable time. Residents learn to deal with the trade-offs involved in balancing medicine and other areas of their lives. Faculty advisors regularly work with the residents on these issues.

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Program Administrator
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Family Medicine Testimonial
medical student

"When I decided to pursue a career in medicine, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the field of medicine. That is why I fell in love with Family Medicine. The depth of content would mean that I could provide comprehensive care to all age groups covering a multitude of health conditions. Due to the variability in the residency training curriculum across the country, I had to find a program that provided a comprehensive training and guaranteed a successful career post residency training. I found such a program at LSU Health Shreveport Family Medicine.  Ali Riza Nazari, MD (Class of 2019, ABFM & ABOM Diplomate)

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