Family Medicine Rural Residency Curriculum

FM Wards FM Wards FM Wards
FM Wards FM Wards FM Wards
Med Wards FM Wards FM Wards
MICU FM Wards FM Wards
OB FM Wards FM Wards
OB FM Wards FM Wards
NICU/Nursery FM Wards EM
Peds Wards FM Wards EM
Outpatient Peds EM EM
EM EM Elective
Ortho Sports Med/Uro Elective
Surgery DERM/IM Elective

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Departmental Benefits

  • Required annual dues paid to American Academy of Family Physicians and Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians
  • ABFM In-Training Exam registration covered
  • Moonlighting is allowed by our department. Resident must be in good standing in order to moonlight. However, it may not interfere in any way with resident duties and responsibilities. 



"I wanted to be a doctor who could do anything and these doctors, out here in the rural setting, are the ones who can do that."


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Educational Training

Family Medicine Rural Residency