The Emergency Medicine/ Family Medicine Residency Program at LSU Health Shreveport is a university based program that incorporates community affiliated training.  We boast several nationally known physicians on our faculty and have produced many graduates who practice in every type of setting.  Residents from our EM/FM program pursue multiple routes after residency, from academics to independent contracts.  Some of our graduates engage in global health initiatives, and others include aesthetics and procedures in their practice. Despite the typical trend, options for post-graduate jobs are limitless.

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About our Residency

The combined EM/FM program is one of two in the country, and has been in existence since 2009. Our program accepts 2 residents a year, and integrates two 3 year residencies into a 5 year period. The intern year for each residency is remarkably similar, so there is not much to distinguish the first year of the combined program. Thereafter, our residents alternate between EM and FM rotations in quarterly segments throughout the year, spending three months focusing on EM or FM rotations at a time. Resident fulfill the graduation requirements of each residency independently; there is nothing missed that one would be exposed to if only doing EM or FM training. This means that throughout the 5 years our residents receive weekly didactics in EM in FM. 



There are several complimentary aspects of combining Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine training:

⇒ FM training is strengthened by education in trauma management and emergency procedures (intubation, chest tubes, bedside ultrasound) and

⇒ EM training is broadened by increased pediatrics and Ob/Gyn exposure, as well as training in skin procedures and endoscopy.

The intended result is the production of physicians who are well equipped to handle most circumstances which may present to a health care setting in a rural or suburban environment, presumably in an underserved area.


EMFM Testimonial Byrd
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“I applied for the EM/FM program because I want to practice rural medicine. I thought that the dual program would best prepare me for that role. And since starting my training, I have not been disappointed. I am a much better physician than I was when I started. The faculty here are helpful and do an excellent job balancing supervision with autonomy. This has led to a remarkable personal growth in my skill as a physician. Looking back, I am surprised by how much I have improved, and I can only imagine how much I will continue to grow while here. If I had it to do over again, I would apply to the LSU Health Shreveport EM/FM program, and I would be ecstatic to match into it.”   Brian Doss, MDClass of 2026

EMFM Testimonial Williams


“My EM training is broadened by increased pediatrics and OB/GYN exposure, as well as training in skin procedures and endoscopy.”
Leah Williams, MDClass of 2018

EMFM Testimonial Aro


“My FM training is strengthened by education in trauma management and emergency procedures.” Hernando Aro, MDClass of 2021

EMFM Testimonial Byrd


“Solid training in both preventative medicine and critical care.”
Liza Byrd, MDClass of 2022

One of the most appealing aspects of the combined program is the people it involves - residents, faculty, and patients. Our faculty are extremely knowledgeable (some are authors of widely recognized texts), supportive, and understand the residents foremost as people. Additionally, our residents tend to be hard working, affable, and have a broad range of life experience. Finally, our patients are friendly and appreciative of the care they receive.


Shamekia Gardner

FM Program Administrator
(318) 675-8695
(318) 675-7950 (fax)

Julie Nowosielski Glover

EM Program Administrator
(318) 626-2326

Mailing Address

LSU Health Shreveport
Dept. of Family Medicine
1501 Kings Highway / P.O. Box 33932
Shreveport, LA 71130-3932

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