The LSU Health Shreveport Department of Family Medicine strives to be a premier educator of medical students and family medicine residents, a leading provider of primary health care for Louisiana citizens, and a highly effective promoter of Family Medicine. Our department has a long history of innovative training for medical students and residents. From its inception, a stated goal of the School of Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport was to have a high percentage of our graduates choose a career in family medicine. We continue to strive toward that goal today. We have recently improved our student curriculum to accomplish both longitudinal experiences and block training.  Our department has family medicine residencies in Shreveport, Monroe, and Alexandria with a total of seventy-two residents in training at any one time. The Shreveport program also has a rural training track in Vivian. In addition, we have a combined Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine residency program - one of only two in the nation. Our faculty is diverse and includes nationally known experts in procedural training and women’s health. Five members of our faculty have been chosen as Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year, and two of our faculty members have served as President of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians. 

Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

  • People are our greatest resource
  • Relationships characterized by integrity and honesty
  • An environment conducive to growth and learning   
  • Empowerment of patients, learners, faculty, and staff to pursue healthy, productive, and satisfying lives 
  • The ideals of Family Medicine expressed through excellence in education, patient care and community leadership 
  • Excellence in patient care based on the best available scientific evidence and delivered with compassion, respect, teamwork and professionalism 
  • A sense of genuine teamwork, where all members of the healthcare team are respected by other members, value their own contributions and are eager to assist with any necessary task
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Department of Family Medicine
LSU Health Shreveport
(318) 675-5640


Family Medicine Interest Group

FMIG gives medical students opportunities to explore the field of Family Medicine and its many career opportunities through involvement in the community, connecting students to local family physicians and involvement at the state and national level in coordination with the LAFP and AAFP. 

Family Medicine Interest Group 
Faculty Advisor:
Marc Chaudoir, MD  -

Sports Medicine Interest Group

Provides medical students opportunities to explore the field of Sports Medicine and its involvement in the community. Students will have exposure to a broad level of patients ranging from weekend warriors to collegiate athletes. Students will develop a good foundation for assessing musculoskeletal injuries and how to properly diagnose and treat those injuries. Other Sports Medicine relevant assessments include but are not limited to: Concussion and Sports Medicine Cardiology. This is in accordance with the state and national level in coordination with the LAFP, AAFP and AMSSM.

Sports Medicine Interest Group
Faculty Advisor:
Kenneth Aguirre, MD -


Family Medicine News

Dehydration puts people at risk for heat-related illness

KTBS 3 - Dr. Peter Seidenberg, professor of family medicine at LSU Health Shreveport, said it is important for those who will be in the heat for an extended time to stay hydrated. “With how much people use energy drinks nowadays, that increases the risk for heat stroke, as well. Any stimulant type medication, including ADD medicines, will also increase your risk. And also certain blood pressure medications increase your risk for heatstroke.”

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Summertime heat can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke

KTBS News - Dr. Peter Seidenberg, professor and chair of the Department of Family Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport, explains: “The difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke is actually your body starts to shut down. When you start adding altered mental status to that, that's when it becomes heatstroke. And it's extremely dangerous.”

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