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  • Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. A Multi-center, Double-blind, Randomized, Controlled Study to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of a New Formulation of Acetylcysteine Injection.  PI Thomas Arnold
  • BTG International. Observational Study of Recovery from Copperhead Snake Envenomation. Thomas Arnold, MD
  • Bush S, Ruha A, Seifert S, Morgan D, Lewis B, Arnold T, Clark R, Meggs W, Toschlog E, Borron S, Haynes J, Figge G, Sollee D, Shirazi F, Wolk R, Quan D, Garcia-Ubbelohde W, Boyer L. A prospective, multicenter, double-blind, randomized, controlled, clinicaltrial comparing Crotalinae Equine lmmune F(ab')2 and Crotalidae Polyvalent lmmune Fab (ovine) for the treatment of US Crotalinae envenomation. Clinical Toxicology 0812014; 52(7):686-687. doi: 10.3109/15563650.2014.974263

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