The Department of Anesthesiology has a thriving Research Division.
Our faculty and residents are committed to furthering knowledge in the field of Anesthesiology through basic, translational, and clinical research. We are alo dedicated to combating the national opioid epidemic, as Louisiana is one of several states in the US with the highest number of opioid prescriptions and opioid overdose deaths.
The department has multiple ongoing research projects that range from general anesthesiology, airway, acute pain and regional anesthesia, cardiothoracic, drug abuse,  neurology, obstetric, pediatric, pain management, and vascular anesthesia. Our faculty members are actively involved in institutional research, nationally-funded research, and clinically-led industry-funded research.

Our residents and faculty frequently present their research findings at both regional and national meetings, and the department provides full support and funding for these activities.

Research Faculty: Dr. Alan Kaye & Dr. Sahar Shekoohi

Research Collaborations: Dept of Pharmacology, Toxicology, & Neuroscience; Dept. of Neurology; Dept. of Obstetrics; Dept. of OMFS; Feist Weiller Cancer Center; Louisiana Tech University; MERCK; REACHnet; LSU Ag Center Therapeutic Cannabis Program

Point of Contact

Sahar Shekoohi, PhD

For more information or to get involved in research contact:

Dr. Sahar Shekoohi

Assistant Professor

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