Welcome to the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology Research Page. Our faculty researchers include the laboratories of Dr. Norman R. Harris, Dr. Steve Alexander, Dr. Diana Cruz-Topete, Dr. Ana Maria Dragoi, Dr. Lynn Harrison, Dr. Changwon Park, Dr. Chris Pattillo and Dr. Karen Stokes.


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Dr. Ana Maria Dragoi LSU Health Shreveport

Norman R. Harris, PhD

Professor and Chair
Phone: (318) 675-6013

J. Steven Alexander, PhD

Phone: (318) 675-4151

Diana Cruz-Topete, PhD

Assistant Professor
Phone: (318) 675-5128

Ana-Maria Dragoi, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Phone: (318) 675-4216

Lynn Harrison, PhD

Phone: (318) 675-4213

Changwon Park, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (318) 675-8856

Chris Pattillo, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (318) 675-6974

Karen Stokes, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (318) 675-8420


Molecular and Cellular Physiology