The PhD in Rehabilitation Science program is a research-focused degree comprising a 58 credit hour curriculum. The first two years of the degree consists of didactic instruction in core courses of research methods, professional development seminars, research/teaching apprenticeships, and statistics, and one of three tracks of rehabilitation science--movement science, neurocognitive rehabilitation, or speech-language pathology. Once the didactic instruction has been successfully completed, the student must pass a qualifier examination to advance to doctoral candidate status. As a doctoral candidate, an original research proposal for dissertation must be presented to his or her committee for approval. Once approved, the candidate carries out research and completes and orally defends a dissertation. Dissertation research progress determines when the student is eligible for graduation; the estimated time to completion is four to six years.

Committee Selection: The dissertation committee shall consist of 3 faculty members, one of whom is at the host institution (local sponsor) and another who is an external expert in the subject matter. The student shall select their major professor from the core and associated faculty, then together they will select the other two committee members.

Transfer Credits: Doctoral students may be able to transfer a certain number of graduate credit hours toward the PhD degree from another accredited university. However, there is no automatic transfer of graduate credit. A student may apply for consideration of transfer of credits after satisfactorily completing a minimum of nine hours of graduate credit at LSU Health Shreveport and discussing the proposed credit transfer with the advisor. If approved by the advisor, the transfer credits are added to the degree plan. The Dean of the School of Allied Health Professions has the ultimate authority to approve transfer credit when reviewing the degree plan for approval. The rule governing the time limit (10 years) for doctoral work also applies to transferable credits. At least 50% of the work counted toward a doctoral degree program must be composed of LSU credits.

Time to Completion: Students are allowed no longer than 10 years to complete their PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences, whether enrolled part-time or full-time.

Consecutive Semesters: Students shall matriculate continuously with a maximum of 2 semesters off. However, once in dissertation phase, consecutive enrollment is required through completion.


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