The goal of LSUHS community vaccine sites is to provide every eligible citizen with access to the vaccine as soon as possible. LSUHS has administered over 55,817 vaccines as the first large-scale COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Louisiana.

  • All locations are drive-thru vaccination sites.
  • Individuals should provide ID and insurance information when they arrive to any site for vaccination. Those that meet all other qualifications, but are without insurance are still eligible to receive the vaccine. 
  • While pre-registration is preferred and encouraged, it is not required to receive a vaccine.  

This page is updated daily with any changes to eligibility and locations for receiving the vaccine.


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Doctor, you have not only renewed my faith in the medical field but surpassed any expectations I had for your program. Your COVID distribution is run like a very well oiled machine lol. The kindness and professionalism that my husband and  I experienced the very moment we arrived at the fair grounds was fantastic. From the national guard all the way to your doctors and nurses that distributed the vaccine!!!! We were there totally 45 minutes and that included the 15 minutes that we waited after receiving the vaccine!!!! Dr.Vanchiere you and your program were on the fair grounds not in a cushy office and by the time we left my husband and I agreed that we were treated so well. So thank you for bringing our faith back to the medical field but in humanity as a whole. Oh yea, every person we spoke with in the process to getting vaccine out there were in agreement with me on how awesome you are. Thank you doesn’t seem near enough in my praises for your program so I’m going to close with I hope and pray along life’s path each and every person you come into contact treats you with as much respect you gave meant may Our Precious Savior continued to bless you!!! - Lisa B., Shreveport

Vaccine News from LSUHS

Jose Guzman-Wug, 16, received a COVID-19 vaccination on April 15 in Los Angeles, California, while his mother looked on. (All

The74Million - “Until you get upwards of 80 percent of children vaccinated, you’re going to have a hard time going back to pre-pandemic practices without some risk of illness and death,” Jeremy Kamil, associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, told The 74.

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KTBS - Dr. John Vanchiere, lead investigator on the Pfizer vaccine study at LSUHS said, “The vaccine is effective at several things. Number one, reducing people from getting sick from COVID and spreading it to other people. Big time important is that vaccination reduces hospitalization and death.”

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COVID Variant Hunter: Even Vaccinated Should Keep Wearing Masks

NBC CT - LSU Health Shreveport Virologist Jeremy Kamil told NBC Connecticut Investigates that halting their spread will require other measures. Kamil was among a team of researchers that discovered seven new COVID-19 strains, known as "variants," aside from the variants first identified in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil. 

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LSUHS COVID-19 Community Vaccine Site Receives Visit & Thank You from Governor John Bel Edwards

Governor John Bel Edwards visited Louisiana’s first mass community vaccine clinic to see firsthand just how well the community effort involving LSU Health Shreveport faculty, students and staff, Region 7 Office of Public Health, Louisiana National Guard, BPCC nursing students, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System and Willis-Knighton Health System is working

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Dr. John Vanchiere at media conference, photo by Scott Ferrell, Shreveport Times

Shreveport Times - Dr. John Vanchiere, professor and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at LSUHS, talked about the benefits of getting the vaccine and its safety. “We know that early on when people get infected with COVID-19, most people have no symptoms at all and that is one of the very critical features of this type of infection compared to influenza."

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Vaccines appear to be effective against COVID variants

KTBS 3 - “The quicker that people get vaccinated, the less chance of any virus being around and given the opportunity to mutate,” Dr. Ghali, LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor explained. “The longer a virus is around, the longer they're going to be able to mutate. It's a natural course in the development of the virus.”

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Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine vial

KSLA 12 - Dr. Robert Rhoads, professor and emeritus chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at LSU Health Shreveport, developed key components of the mRNA over years of work. The vaccine uses messenger RNA, or mRNA, which essentially provides instructions to the body on how to fight the novel coronavirus.

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COVID-19 vaccine arrives at Ochsner-LSU Health Shreveport

KSLA 12 - “It is gratifying to see LSU Health Shreveport’s contributions to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine through licensing of a LSUHS patent to BioNTech for mRNA-stabilizing cap analogs and in serving as the only north Louisiana vaccine trial site. Additionally our numerous COVID-19 clinical trials are providing access to novel therapies reflecting the benefit of having an academic medical center in our community,” shared Dr. G.E. Ghali, Chancellor of LSU Health Shreveport.

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Reduce Your Risk flyer to practice everyday preventative actions for flu viruses
Doctor gives COVID-19 vaccine to woman in car

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