COVID-19 Vaccine

UPDATE - January 22, 2021
LSU Health Shreveport is registering persons who are
70 years and older
who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Please complete all the boxes on this link: REGISTER HERE

LSU Health Shreveport will provide an update on vaccine availability as soon as possible. All those registered will be contacted via email with their appointment date and time to receive their vaccine at the Fairgrounds.

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PLEASE NOTE: Dates and times are subject to change in the event of inclement weather.
*This is a screening only and not a medical evaluation. People with chronic health conditions or moderate to severe symptoms should be evaluated by a provider as soon as possible. Testing is FREE and will be done as an on-site, drive-through process. Walk-ups are also permitted. Please bring health insurance card and a valid photo ID if you have one.  





State Fairgrounds 3701 Hudson Ave, Shreveport Mondays, Wednesdays,
Fridays, Saturdays
8 AM - Noon
Health Hut - Ruston 310 W Mississippi Tuesdays 8 AM - 10:30AM
Monroe 4106 Desiard, Monroe Tuesdays Noon - 3 PM
Galilee Baptist Church 1500 Pierre Ave, Shreveport Thursdays 9 AM - 3 PM
Tallulah Elementary School 1100 Johnston Street, Tallulah Every Other Saturday
1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20
9 AM - 1 PM

COVID-19 Vaccine Update for persons of all ages:

Anyone interested in getting the vaccine is strongly encouraged to pre-register by clicking on the button below.


Pre-registration will facilitate receiving the vaccine faster. Once vaccine is available for distribution, individuals will be contacted with an appointment.

When arriving for your appointment, you should bring your ID and insurance information.   Vaccine will be administered with individuals remaining in their vehicles unless they choose to walk to receive the vaccine. Wear a mask and clothing with easy access to upper arm area.

Where: Fairground Field located at 3701 Hudson.  Go to area of Fairgrounds area that runs alongside Interstate 20.

When: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! (if weather is dangerous, please wait and come another day)

Individuals UNDER 70 will be advised when the next tier of vaccine is authorized for distribution. It is not yet available for persons under 70 years old.

Link to COVID-19 General Vaccination Information from the Louisiana Department of Health



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LSU Health Shreveport's Dr. Chris Kevil talks with the Shreveport Times about wearing a mask.
Dr. Chris Kevil talks to us about wearing a mask. HENRIETTA WILDSMITH, SHREVEPORT TIMES
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Girlology: Drs. Trisha Hutchison and John Vanchiere talk about germ safety for children

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Above - Dr. Matthew Woolard, Assoc. Professor of Microbiology & Immunology says it’s not just enough to know if you have anti-coronavirus antibodies, we need to know how effective they are, and how many are needed to be effective.

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Above - Dr. Mark Cogburn, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport, shares important information for parents and caregivers about talking to children about the Coronavirus.

Above - Dr. Jennifer Singh,  Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport, shares tips for food choices during this time of crisis that will benefit your health and wellness.



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All travelers need to be aware of potential associated risks of disruptions to re-entry to the United States, including possible quarantine.

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Highly reliable PCR results-over 99.7% accurate


Testing administered by experienced Medical Professionals


Safe Environment as Individuals being tested remain in their Car


Your test samples provide confidential data used in better understanding COVID-19


Test Results reported in 48 Hours or Less