LARC Intramural Grants Opportunities

All proposals should be in areas that pertain or relate to and/or have a bearing or impact upon the neurobiology of substance use disorders. Applications that are collaborative and/or translational research will receive higher priority.
New Idea Award
The LARC New Idea Award provides $25,000 for one year of support to promote exploratory efforts in areas of investigation that propose proof-of-concept studies, pilot projects, or novel hypothesis-driven research.
Research Award
The LARC Research Awards provides $50,000 for one year of support to allow faculty members to conduct research that increases competitiveness for national funding. Applications that propose incremental research associated with efforts already underway in the laboratory will be less competitive.   
Predoctoral Fellowships
Predoctoral Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to fund senior PhD candidates for up to three (3) years with a stipend of $32,000 per year.