Louisiana Addiction Research Center 

LARC's mission is to provide addiction research and education in an integrated environment pursuing the latest in innovative approaches and learning. Through this research, the goals are to advance human understanding of best practices as well as the optimal implementation of therapeutic models that maximize compassionate care to patients suffering from substance use disorder (SUD), elucidate the neurobiology of addiction as a disease and particularly the role of stress and trauma in that disease, and work through active partnerships with our local and state-wide community to improve knowledge and understanding of SUD as a public health issue. The overarching goal of LARC is to foster collaborative multidisciplinary research projects that integrate not only basic and clinical science, but also engagement with a community of stakeholders throughout Louisiana. Accordingly, it is LARC’s intent and purpose to investigate multiple loci within the disease state cycle to interrupt, prevent, and treat substance use disorder.

Addiction is wreaking havoc in Louisiana, and it will take a united community with a workable plan
to address and stop the cycle of this disease.